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Placement Test

Language Placement Tool FAQ

We strongly encourage students who are continuing in the foreign language they studied in high school to fulfill their foreign language requirement as soon as possible. This will maximize their chances of success in university language study.

The placement tool will ensure that you choose the correct language class at UNCW, as long as you do not guess the answers or use a dictionary, translation or other persons or take the test in repetition.

Remember that the purpose of the placement tool is to place you into the appropriate level to continue your language studies from where you left off. All students are required to take the course into which they place.

Keep in mind that you should not take an introductory class if you have already had two units of that language in high school.

For example, a student who has taken two or more units of high school Spanish may not enroll for credit in Spanish 101, Introductory Spanish. 101 classes are reserved for true beginners and students whose only language is English and who have had less than one unit of high school language. Most students who have had two units of high school Spanish will place into Spanish 120, Fundamentals of Spanish.

Please note that courses numbered 209 through 212 are taught in English and do not have the placement test as a prerequisite. These courses are not offered for foreign language credit.

You will need a computer with Internet capability and your student ID number.

Your student ID number is the 9-digit number, beginning with 85, that can be found on your UNCW ID card. If you are a new student who has been accepted to UNCW and have paid your deposit, you can also retrieve your UNCW student ID number.

Your score will appear on the screen, telling you your raw score, as well as the level of the course you placed into. Please print this page for your own records.

Your score and identifying information are automatically entered into UNCW's registration system daily. You must allow 24 hours for your score to process before you can register for the course.

  • If this is your first time using the placement tool: Your very first score received will be recorded in Banner for 1 year and cannot be changed or modified.
  • If you have previously used the placement tool: Your most recent skill level is locked into Banner for 1 year.

Retaking the placement tool within a year time frame will not affect your first score. After the one year period is over, a student can retake the placement tool and that new score will replace the previous score in Banner.

You may earn additional credits.

  • If a student places into a second-year language class (excluding classes numbered 209, 210, 211, and 212) and completes that course with a grade of "C" (2.00) or better, the student will receive three hours credit for the prior course in the sequence, in addition to the credit for the second-year language class. For example, if a student places into French 201 and completes that course with a B+, she or he will also receive three hours of credit for French 102.
  • For completion of a 300-level course in French, German or Latin, the student will receive 6 credit hours for 201 and 202. For completion of SPN 302, 303, or 315, the student will receive 6 credit hours for the two previous courses in the sequence unless the student already has AP, CLEP, or transfer credit for those courses
  • Supplemental credit may be used to fulfill university basic studies requirements.

There is no waiver exam through World Languages and Cultures. However, students with advanced language skills may opt to take a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) proctored exam, which may provide credit and could satisfy the language requirement.

Students interested in this option should go to DePaolo Hall 1021 to make appropriate arrangements.

There are two Spanish placement tools. Answer the following questions in order to determine which exam you need to take.

Please answer yes or no:

  • When I was a child, Spanish was spoken in my home.
  • I lived in a Spanish-speaking country for two years or longer.
  • My first language was Spanish
  • I speak Spanish, or both Spanish and English, with my family and/or friends.
  • My parents and/or grandparents often speak/spoke to me in Spanish.

If you answered NO to all of the questions above, take Spanish A placement tool A. If you answered YES to any of the questions, take Spanish B placement tool.

Placement Tool Level Ranges

Level 1 FRH 102/120 0 - 175
Level 2 FRH 201 176 - 275
Level 3 FRH 202 276 - 349
Level 4 FRH 301, 302, 303 or 308 350+
Level 1 GER 102 0 - 200
Level 2 GER 201 201 - 300
Level 3 GER 202 301 - 390
Level 4 GER 301 391+
Level 1 LAT 101 1 - 14
Level 2 LAT 102 15 - 20
Level 3 LAT 201 21+
Spanish A
Level 1 SPN 120 0 - 225
Level 2 SPN 201 226 - 325
Level 3 SPN 202 326 - 375
Level 4 SPN 302 376 - 425
Level 5 SPN 303 426+
Spanish B (bilinguals only)
Level 1 SPN 201 1 - 25
Level 2 SPN 215 26 - 79
Level 3 SPN 315 80 - 89
Level 4 SPN 303 90 - 100