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Steps for Grant Submission for External Funding

Phase Action Item Time Responsible Person(s)
Formative Notice of plan to apply for an award – share FOA with CHHS Associate Dean for Research (ADR) 7-9 months out* PI to notify ADR and Research Grant Administrator (RGA)
Formative Meet to develop a timeline that includes: draft writing schedule, CHHS mock reviews, editor reviews, budget development, sub-contracts, consultant reviews, deadlines of letters of support, biosketches, etc. All of this is built into the timeline Within 30 days of declaration of plan to submit PI, any Co-Is, RGA
Formative Formative mock review of specific aims page Within 1st 60 days of timeline Mock Review Panel, PI, any Co-Is
Writing This is where all the in between happens Mostly PI and research team, also ADR, RGA, Editor, Consultant
Finalization Editor review No later than 75 days out from due date PI, Editor
Finalization Mock review panel to receive revised abstract and specific aims No later than 60 days out from due date PI, Mock Review Panel
Finalization Mock review panel to receive and review full grant No later than 45 days out from due date with expectation that review panel will have 1 week turn around Mock Review Panel (including ADR), PI
Final Few Weeks Editor to receive final draft for review 3 weeks before due date with expectation of 1 week turn around on editor review PI, Editor
Final Few Weeks Final completed grant delivered to pre-award staff. Enter grant with PI, then print for final read through at end of that week. 8 business days before due date PI and Co-Is, RGA
Final Few Weeks Grant to UNCW Research (SPARC) 1 week before <1 week before due date PI and Co-Is, RGA

*Ideal situation. Exceptions may be made on case-by-case basis, or for short turn-around RFAs.

Contact CHHS Research & Innovation

Dr. Justine Reel, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

McNeill Hall 1055