About Rotifers

Technical & Safety Data

Species Name: Brachionus rotundiformis
Common Name: S-type rotifer or small-type rotifer
Size:  90-150 µm (an average of 120 µm)

Notes: Brachionus rotundiformis is smaller than the L-type rotifer, Brachionus plicatilus (130-340 µm, average 235 µm), and therefore more easily captured by smaller-mouthed newly hatched marine fish larvae. Although there are different species of rotifers that are found in freshwater and saltwater, Brachionus rotundiformis is strictly a marine species. This particular variety has a tolerance for salinity ranges from 18ppt - 32ppt.

Our cultures are maintained with the daily dosing of a specialized probiotic formula to enhance the beneficial bacterial composition. Although we only ship the most healthy and vigorous rotifers, we do not guarantee 100% axenic cultures or live arrival.

We do not recommend feeding rotifers to any organisms other than marine finfish and invertebrates. Not for Human Consumption.