About Rotifers

Handling & Care

Orders intended for culture:

Upon arrival of your order immediately remove the bag(s) from the shipping container, open them and insert an airstone to aerate the rotifers. It is known that immediate and drastic changes in temperatures will shock and possibly kill the culture, so it is recommended that you allow the shipment to come to room temperature prior to placing it into your culture tank. Once the shipment is in the culture tank feed the rotifers accordingly.

Orders intended for cold storage:

Your S-Type rotifers should be kept in the refrigerator with the bag open. This allows for oxygen exchange that rotifers need to survive. Prior to use, gently swirl the water in the bag to re-suspend the rotifers that have settled to the bottom. To obtain maximum effectiveness, we suggest acclimating the rotifers first by leaving the desired feeding amount out at room temperature for at least 10 minutes. If concerned about water contamination, you can sieve the rotifers through a 55 or 75 µm mesh screen before feeding to your tank. We have provided a dosing of Nannochloropsis algae that will provide nutrition to your rotifers for at least 10 days as long as the rotifers are kept in the refrigerator.