Master of Science in Geoscience

Recent Graduates

Summer 2017 Thesis Title
William Abrams MGEO
Charles "Scott" Adams MGEO
Stephen Fabian MGEO

Renee Pelletier

Spring 2017 Thesis Title

Maria Frishman


David Graybill


Konrad Grochocki

Randy Knoll MGEO
Wesley Massoll MGLY
Robbie O'Donnell MGEO
Jimmy Toth MGEO
Allan Upham MGEO
Darryl Mott MGEO
Fall 2016

Jennifer Massoll


Shawn McGuire


Summer 2016

Kimberly Cooke


Risa Dalsing


Janardan Mainali

Spring 2016 Thesis Title

Paulina Capar


Christine Johnson


Bridget Kelly


Alyssa Le


Sean Leathem


Karl Mohr


Nick Moore


Caroline Narron


Samuel Neely


Amelia Sosnowski


Samantha Stanford

Relationship of Escalation to Frequency of Drilling Predation in Miocene and Pleistocene Molloscs of the US Coastal Plain

Fall 2015 Thesis Title

Chris Alexander

Non-Thesis Option


Timothy Moss

The Application of LiDAR Data to Classify and Analyze Change in Barrier Island Features at Masonboro Island, North Carolina MMS

Jacquelyn Putnam

Effective Emergency Sheltering: A GIS Approach to Shelter Location Analysis and Population Allocation for Eastern North Carolina MGEO
Alyssa Randall Nesting Patterns of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in North Carolina (2005-2014) MGEO
Summer 2015 Thesis Title

Elisa Baumgardt

Magma Dynamics at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge, from Seafloor Deformation Data

Kelly Cronin Examining Lifespan Bias in the Fossil Record using two Bivalve Species in a Seagrass Bed in North Carolina MGEO
John Sime Ecological stability of predator-prey interactions during the Plio-Pleistocene transition in North Carolina MGLY
Spring 2015 Thesis Title

Kaylee Barket

Late Quaternary Vegetation Change in Southeastern North Carolina: Pollen and Microscopic Charcoal Data from Jones and Singletary Lake Sediment Records MGEO

Jeri Burke

Assessing controls and patterns of surface inundation and identifying areas of flood risk in a flood-pulsed savanna watershed in Botswana and Namibia using thermal imagery MGEO

Wesley Cartner

Non-Thesis Option MGEO

Kaitlyn Costin

Tidal Creek Habitat Mapping: An Assessment of Worldview-2 Imagery for Mapping Estuarine Habitats and Deriving Bathymetry


Eric Hilliard

Non-Thesis Option GIS Cert.

Alina Jakubcanin

Assessing vegetation response to drought in Tunisia using geospatial technologies MGLY

Andrew Lade

Non-Thesis Option MGEO

Jaimie Little

Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction for Central Coastal Argentina MGLY

Robert Morrow

The Macon Fault Zone: A Folded Dextral Shear Strand of the Eastern Piedmont Fault System in North Carolina MGLY

Jessica Nester

Macroscopic Charcoal and Sedimentary Geochemical Evidence of Late Quaternary Paleoenvironmental Change in the Southeastern United States from Two Carolina Bays in North Carolina


Erik Pavia

Non-Thesis Option MGEO

Joanna Peth

Investigating the Utility of Foraminiferal Isotope Proxies for Sea-Level Variability in Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Fall 2014 Thesis Title
Casey Albritton A New Late Triassic (Carnian-Norian) High-Resolution Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotope Stratigraphy from the Blue Mountains Province of Oregon, U.S.A. MGLY
Gigi Baggerley

Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for the Assessment of Flash Flood Risk in Quseir, Red Sea Coast, Egypt

Jim Kerr

Assessing the Influence of Escalation during the Mesozoic Marine revolution: Shell Breakage and Adaptation in Mesozoic Ammonites

Ben Sciance

Flooding in Bangladesh: A spatial and temporal analysis of a unique hydrological dataset

Summer 2014
Kirsten Stokes Diatom analysis of late Pleistocene and Holocence climatic events in the Bellingshausen Sea, Western Antartic Peninsula MGLY
Amanda "Mandy" Tedick Impacts of historic land clearance and sugarcane agriculture on soil erosion and transport in St. Croix, USVI MMS
Spring 2014
Kristen Hall An analysis of accretion, erosion, and beach morphology on Masonboro Island, North Carolina MGLY
Courtney Pierce Development of a high resolution sea-level record in the Florida Panhandle MGLY
Fall 2013
Patricia H. Mason

Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of late Cretaceous foraminifera from the Dixon core, southeastern North Carolina

Matthew McCarthy Satellite imagery habitat mapping and change assessment of coastal environments MMS
Paula Reidhaar Spatial and temporal variations in Pyrodinium bahamense cyst concentrations in the sediments of mangrove lagoon St. Croix, USVI MMS
Summer 2013 Thesis Title
Kerri Allen

Physical effects of oyster reef rugosity: Flume and field studies in a low-flow environment

Chelsea Korpanty Live-dead fidelity of molluscan assemblages in anthropogenically impacted seagrass habitats: Siliciclastic versus carbonate environments MGLY
Spring 2013 Thesis Title Program*
Daniel Rhodes Lithologic and structural relationships of northeastern Carolina terrane rocks in the Lake Michie 1:24K Quadrangle, North Carolina MGLY
Fall 2012 Thesis Title Program*
Josh April

North Carolina sea level rise assessment: Evaluating flood risk for community lifelines in northern and southern North Carolina

Benjamin Ashba Non-Thesis Option MGLY
Julie A. Kemble

Mineralogical and textural trends in sediment distribution along the northeastern coast of Tamaulipas, Mexico

Will Weiland Analysis of San Salvador Island Precipitation and Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Dynamics
Summer 2012
Erin Scher

Storm overwash in a back barrier marsh and the implications for sea level rise on Masonboro Island, NC

Spring 2012
David Parnell Lithodemic, structural, and geochemical characterization of the northeastern Carolina Terrane in the northern Oxford 7.5 minute quadrangle, North Carolina MGLY
Fall 2011 Thesis Title Program*
Hawkins Gagnon

Geomorphologic model of the Smith Island Complex, Cape Fear NC


Amanda Maness

Acoustic and visual seabed classification of the Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern (OHAPC), Eastern Florida Shelf MGLY
Rob Mitchell

Evaluation of rainfall-runoff relationships for transportation routes in Brunswick County, NC

Launna Sampaio A Comparison of Bear and Brown's Inlets: Unmodified Stable Inlets along the North Carolina Coast MGLY
Sam Woolard Non-Thesis Option MGLY
Summer 2011 Thesis Title Program
Dana Friend Foraging Strategies of Euspira heros and Testing Coevolutionary Alternation in the Modern Naticid Gastropod Predator-Prey System MMS
Spring 2011 Thesis Title Program
Morgan Barry Non-Thesis Option MGLY
Davis McIver Non-Thesis Option MGLY
Brennan McKone Non-Thesis Option MGLY
2010 Thesis Title Program
Greg Burzynski How Metabolic Rates Affect Survivorship: The Grim Story Of Bivalves Across A Pliocene Extinction MGLY
Emily Gould Unexpected rates of cannibalism under-competitive conditions by the naticid gastropod Neverita duplicata (Say)
Tim Metevelis Spatial Variation of ENSO Influence on
Puerto Rico Precipitation

Merritt Mclean

Effects of Inlet Migration on Barrier Island Planform and Oceanfront Change: New Topsail Inlet, NC MGLY
2009 Thesis Title Program
John W. Rose Impact of Natural and Artificial Ebb Channel Position Realignment on Oceanfront Shoreline Change MMS
Stephanie White Effects of Drilling Predation on Global Turritellid Diversity and Abundance: A Potential Catalyst for Evolution MGLY
Jesse Baldwin Variability in Beach Topography and Forcing along Oak Island, North Carolina MGLY

Leighann Budde

Barrier Island Progradation related to inlet spacing and migration patterns


David Childers

Non-Thesis Option

Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Deposition Related to Sea Level Cyclicity: Basin-Scale to a Localized Debris Flow Deposit


Viviana Díaz Late Cretaceous SR Isotopic and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Dixon Core, Outer Coastal Plain, North Carolina MGLY

Carolyn Gomes

Spatial Distribution of B Horizon Properties in a Pine Flatwood Landscape, New Hanover County, NC


Kassy Rodriguez Mapping Oyster Reefs Using Sidescan Sonar and Subbottom Profiling: Cape Fear River, Southeastern North Carolina MMS
Amanda Williams Mapping Land Use Change as an indicator for live coral cover at Boracay Island, Philippines MMS
Kenneth Willson Shoreface Mapping and Sand Resource Inventory: North Topsail Beach and Surf City, North Carolina MGLY
2008 Thesis Title Program

Devon Eulie

Sediment deposition and availability in the riparian wetlands of the Cape Fear River MGLY
2007 Thesis Title Program
Emerson Hasbrouck

The Influence of Tidal Inlet Migration and Closure on Barrier Planform Changes: Federal Beach, NC

Michelle McCoy Effect of the Trans-Arctic invasion on Pliocene predator-prey interactions on Tjornes Peninsula, Iceland MGLY
Steve Mondziel

Morphology, Structure, and Late Cretaceous-Recent Tectonic Evolution of the Mona Canyon, Puerto Rico

René A. Shroat-Lewis Taphonomy of a Pliocene Ophiuroid mass mortality bed in the Tirabuzón Formation, Baja California Sur MGLY

Sara Althof

Hydrodynamic flow in a Tidal Marsh: a biophysical experiment


Kelley Kaltenbach

Geology and Petrology of the Fletcher Limestone Quarry, Fletcher, North Carolina

Steve Saville Non-Thesis Option MGLY
2006 Thesis Title Program

Luke Davis

Hydrography and bottom boundary layer dynamics: Influence on inner shelf sediment mobility, Long Bay


David Doughty

The Influence of Inlet Modifications, Geologic Framework and Storms on the Recent Evolution of Masonboro Island, NC MGLY

Amy L. Gross

Non-Thesis Option MGLY
Michael P. Slattery

The influence of the Cape Fear River on characteristics of shelf sediment in Long Bay, North Carolina

Shari Thompson Non-Thesis Option MGLY
2005 Thesis Title Program
Elizabeth Berg Non-Thesis Option MGLY

Ed Cavallerano

Diagenetic alterations in Adelie penguin eggshells throughout the Holocene


Dylan Elks

Non-Thesis Option


Benjamin Grosser

Petrology and geochemistry of the Wildcat Gulch Syenite, Gunnison County, Colorado


Courtney Hanby

Use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to examine Bottlenose dolphin community structure in southeastern North Carolina


Dorien McGee Morphological comparisons of shallow and deepwater benthic microalgae, Onslow Bay, NC MGLY
Lori B. Saal Rainfall Impacts on Suspended Sediment Concentrations in an Urbanized Tidal Creek, Southeastern North Carolina MGLY

Brian Simpson

Non-Thesis Option


2004 Thesis Title Program
Luke DelGreco Identification of Recent Faulting on the Insular Shelf
of Western Puerto Rico
Matthew Head Use of High-Resolution Sidescan Sonar Data to Quantitatively Map and Monitor a Mid-Continental Shelf Hardbottom: 23-Mile Site, Onslow Bay, NC MMS
Meghan Hearne Investigation of Submarine Landslides Along the Northern
Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Margin: Implications for Tsunamigenesis
Chester Jackson Quantitative Shoreline Change Analysis of an Inlet-Influenced Transgressive Barrier System: Figure Eight Island, NC MGLY
Jeffery Marshall Event Driven Sediment Mobility on the Inner Continental Shelf of Onslow Bay MGLY
Benjamin McGinnis Late Holocene Evolution of a Retrograding Barrier: Hutaff Island, North Carolina MGLY
Michael Murphy Geophysical invesitgation of the tectonic and volcanic history of the Nauru Basin, Western Pacific MMS
Maverick Raber Characteristics of Sediments Transported to and Deposited in the Cape Fear River Estuary, Southeastern North Carolina MGLY
Alisha Renfro Sediment Deposition and Accumulation in a Brown and Black-Water River System MMS
Beth Reimer Influences of Major Storm Events on Backbarrier Salt Marsh Change: Masonboro Island, Southeastern North Carolina MGLY
Kenny Robitaille Geology and Terrane Relationships of the Tar River Area, Franklin and Granville Counties, North Carolina MGLY
John Welsh Characterization of the Evolution of a Relocated Tidal Inlet:
Mason Inlet, NC
Thesis Title
Alex Croft The Effects of Thin Layer Dredge Material Disposal on Tidal Marsh Processes, Masonboro Island, NC MGLY
John Huntley Evolution of Predation-Related Characters in Neogene Atlantic Coastal Plain Borbulids and Lucinids MGLY
Hayward Key Temporal and Spatial Trends in Drilling Predation on Crepidula in the U.S. Coastal Plain MGLY
Adam Knierim A Hydrographic Investigation of a Mixed-Energy Inlet: Rich Inlet, North Carolina MGLY
Brent Manning Topographic Analysis of the Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern Using a Multimedia Geographic Information System (GIS) MMS
Jennifer O'Reilly Assessment of Tidally Influenced Riparian Wetlands as Sinks for Fecal Coliform Bacteria MMS
Jessica Pierson Late cretaceous (Campanian and Maastrichtian) sequence stratigraphy, southeastern North Carolina, USA MGLY
Thesis Title
Joni Backstrom Monitoring Storm Driven Sedimentary Changes on the Shoreface of f Kure Beach, North Carolina MMS
Michael Crump Hydroclimatological Assessment of Freshwater Resources for San Salvador Island, Bahamas MGLY
Timothy Dulaney Volcanic Morphology of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge 15°-35°E: Implications for Crustal Construction MGLY
Shelley Miller An Examination of Phosphorous and Sediment Characteristics within Anthropogenically Impacted Estuarine Watersheds MMS
Kimberly Nelson Transplanted Oyster Beds as Self-Sustaining Mechanisms for Water Quality Improvement in Small Tidal Creeks MGLY
Karyn Olschesky Upper Miocene Through Pleistocene Diatom Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanography of ODP Leg 185, Hole 1149A MGLY
Tina Roberts Chemical consitutents in the PeeDee and Castle Hayne Aquifers: Porters Neck area, New Hanover, County, North Carolina MGLY

*MMS = Master of Science in Marine Science, MGLY = Master of Science in Geology