M.S. in Marine Science

Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty

  • Dr. G. Brooks Avery, Jr.: Biogeochemical cycling in sediments, the water column, and the atmosphere; use of 13C and 14C isotopes of carbon to study sources and fluxes of globally important organic carbon compounds
  • Dr. Daniel G. Baden: Distribution, composition, toxicity and structure of marine toxins
  • Dr. Robert J. Kieber: Marine geochemistry, photochemistry and air sea exchange processes; global carbon cycling, acid rain and nutrient dynamics
  • Dr. Ralph Mead: Marine organic geochemistry. Specific interests include: carbon cycling within river dominated margins and smaller estuarine systems, use of stable carbon isotopic analysis to elucidate the source of cycling of marine organic matter, development of new analytical techniques for organic geochemical analysis, reconstruction of past ecosystem dynamics through combined molecular and isotopic techniques and organic-mineral interactions in the marine environment
  • Dr. Pamela J. Seaton:Structure: activity relationships in bioactive marine natural products; structural analysis and function of algal, fish and dolphin lipids
  • Dr. Stephen A. Skrabal (Associate Director for Education, CMS): Geochemistry and biogeochemistry of trace metals (titanium, silver, copper and iron) in estuarine and marine environments
  • Dr. Joan D. Willey: Impacts of rainwater on surface seawater chemistry and biological productivity; rainwater dissolved organic carbon as a part of the global carbon cycle, redox chemistry of trace metals in rainwater
  • Dr. Jeffery L.C. Wright: Bioorganic chemistry (isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from marine organisms); identification and analysis of naturally occurring marine toxins

Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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