Mindful UNCW

Photo of Waterdrop by Levi Xu on Unsplash, UNCW Logo by John Crawford

Welcome to Mindful UNCW

Mindful UNCW is a campus-wide initiative designed to increase mindfulness practice among students, faculty, and staff across curricular, co-curricular, and workplace spaces. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment with an attitude of curiosity, non-judgment, non-reactivity, and compassion. Research shows that mindfulness can improve cognitive and academic performance with the enhancement of attentional and processing skills, improve mental and psychological well-being, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, improve emotional regulation and lead to positive mood states. Mindfulness-based pedagogy supports instructors’ capacity to both practice and teach mindfulness effectively, and it can also improve classroom climate.

The four primary goals of the initiative are to build a community of students, faculty, and staff engaged in mindfulness practice, increase knowledge of mindfulness-based pedagogy, establish a network of scholars interested in incorporating mindfulness into their research, and bring awareness of existing campus and community activities related to mindfulness to faculty, staff and students. 

This website is designed to connect students, faculty, and staff interested in learning, practice, and researching mindfulness at UNCW! If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, please contact Jacquelyn Lee (leej@uncw.edu) of Beverley McGuire (mcguireb@uncw.edu) who are leading the initiative.