Middle East and Islamic Studies

Middle East and Islamic Studies Minor Requirements

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Minor offers courses in the civilizations, histories, languages, religions, geographies, politics, and literatures of the Middle East. Students take an interdisciplinary approach to the cultures of this region, which has had an important impact on the development of our civilization and plays a vital role in today's world community. The minor's course offerings treat the Middle East from ancient times to the modern period and emphasize methods of historical and interdisciplinary analysis. MES minors are expected to reach an intermediate level of proficiency in Arabic, which is the most widely spoken language in the region and the liturgical language of Islam.

The minor requires a total of 21 credit hours. All students must complete six credit hours consisting of ARB 101 and ARB 102, then select six additional credit hours from the list of additional core courses, with each course in a different discipline. The remainder of the credit hours should be selected from the designated electives. Students must have a least a "C+" (2.33) average in courses counted toward the minor, and at least two courses counted toward the minor must be at or above the 300-level.


Required Core Courses (6 credit hours)

All students pursuing the Middle East and Islamic Studies Minor are required to complete the following Arabic language courses.

  • ARB 101 - Introductory Arabic I
  • ARB 102 - Introductory Arabic II

Additional Core Courses (6 credit hours)

Students must select additional two courses, each in a different discipline, from those listed below for the core requirement (6 credit hours) in Middle East and Islamic Studies.

  • GGY 225 - Geography of the Middle East
  • HST 382 - History of Modern Middle East
  • INT 352 - The Contemporary Middle East
  • PAR 230 - Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  • PAR 375 - Islam
  • PLS 338 - Political Systems of the Middle East

Electives (9 credit hours)

Students may select as elective courses (9 credit hours) any courses listed below, up to two Directed Independent Studies approved by the program coordinator, and other appropriate special topics course or seminar as offered, with the approval of the MES coordinator.

  • ARB 201 - Intermediate Arabic I
  • ARB 202 - Intermediate Arabic II
  • ARB 294 - Arabic Study Abroad I
  • ARH 300 - Egyptian Art
  • ART 321 - Art and Achaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • ARH 325 - Islamic Art
  • HST 113 - Jewish History to 1492
  • HST 114 - Jewish History from 1492 to the Present
  • HST 305 - The Ancient Near East
  • HST 381 - History of Early Islamic Societies
  • HST 385 - Special Topics in Jewish History*
  • HST 483 - Topics in Middle Eastern History*
  • INT 350 - Topics in the Middle East*
  • INT 351 - The Contemporary Persian Gulf
  • INT 353 - Modern Iraq
  • INT 354 - The Middle East through Music, Film, and Literature
  • INT 361 - Ethnic Conflict and Territorial Disputes
  • PAR 235 - Introduction to the Old Testament
  • PAR 362 - Archaeology of Ancient Israel
  • PAR 376 - Judaism
  • PLS 428 - Global Terrorism

* Courses with a star can be repeated with different topics (example: INT 350: Language and Identity in North Africa and INT 350: The Trans-National Sahara  count as two unique courses).