Seahawk Mail

Mailing Address Guidelines

In March 2001, UNCW implemented the campus zip + 4 codes to improve mail services and provide a more effective and efficient way to process mail for our UNCW community. All university departments will share the main zip code 28403, but the "plus-4" is a specific and unique four-digit number assigned to each department.

The campus zip +4 codes will accompany the address on all envelopes, letterhead, business cards, incoming mail and intra-campus correspondence identifying that specific department. This eliminates confusing abbreviations and improves speed and accuracy in sorting. Encourage your correspondents to send their replies to your full address.

Building and room numbers should not be used in campus addresses, with the following exception:

  • Special note for non-USPS shipments:
    Since private carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex deliver directly to university departments, these shipments must include the department street address, room number and contact name.

Formats for Addressing U.S. Mail and Intra-Campus Mail

For automation purposes, the U.S. Postal Service prefers black ink, block form addresses with a uniform left-hand margin, and no punctuation except for the dash between the zip code and the "plus-4."

Intra-campus mail:

Department Name
# _ _ _ _ (Zip +4)

U.S. mail:

Mr John Doe
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