Keep Learning

Prepare for Online Learning

New to online learning? No problem, the Canvas Keep Learning course for tips to succeed in an online course.

First Steps 

  1. Review the (latest) syllabus for any new information or changes. 
  2. Identify new/changed tasks and make sure you have access to the tools required to perform those tasks. 
  3. Check your email and Canvas course announcements regularly for updates and information from your instructor. 
  4. Modify your study plan to accommodate changes to your class schedule.  
  5. Review the information below and on other sections of this website for related information and resources. 

In general, what you need to learn in an online environment is not very different than in a classroom, especially since most face-to-face courses utilize online technologies for things like media, file sharing, assignment submission, etc. Here are some basic materials/tools used in online learning: 

Computer and Internet 

  • Computer System: Mac or PC capable of running at 2 Ghz or greater 
  • Internet Connection: Broadband internet connection supporting data rates of 3.0 Mbps or greater. To test your server speed, go to and run the Speed Test on your computer.  
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. (Microsoft Internet Explorer is known to have compatibility issue with the Canvas system.) 


Significant portions of the guidance in these pages are adapted with permission from the University of Iowa's Keep Learning Site.