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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2016  

Murphy, C. A., & Jensen, T. D. (2016). Faculty Teaching Development: Using the Multidimensional Matrix of Teaching Development to Guide Teaching Improvement Activities. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 16(2), 61-75. [Full Text]


Higher education faculty learn how to teach through courses, seminars, or workshops during and after their doctoral program. Perhaps the more prevalent way faculty learn to teach is through observational and self-directed learning. In order to assist with self-directed teaching improvements we developed the Multidimensional Matrix of Teaching Development (MMTD) focusing on what dimension or component is being targeted for improvement, how to improve, and who can/should be used to assess the improvement. A facilitator or mentor could also use the MMTD in planning and guiding an individual in improving teaching, and, importantly, student learning. After explaining the MMTD we provide an example that illustrates how the matrix was used by one author as a tool to improve a targeted teaching component.


Keywords: Faculty development, guided, self-directed.