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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2016  

Cohen-sayag, E. (2016). Student-teachers Across the Curriculum Learn to Write Feedback Does it reflect on their writing?. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 16(2), 5-19. [Full Text]


The study examined the connection between writing competency and writing feedback experiences through academic writing course for student-teachers across the curriculum. The aims of the course were to prepare student-teachers to their role as writing facilitators and to improve their writing. Experimental and control group differed in course plan focused on writing feedback as the depended variable. A significant improvement was found in writing formative feedback. Interaction effect between formative feedback, writing composition and time was significant, but the expected advantage of writing feedback course was not found.

This study examined feedback from the giver point of view and points at the importance of writing formative feedback among SL writers as prospective teachers but also puts some questions on the relations between writing feedback and writing competency.


Keywords: Writing feedback, writing facilitator, formative feedback, corrective feedback.