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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2016  

Bender, S., & Hill K. (2016). Pedagogical Considerations for Effectively Teaching Qualitative Research to Students in an Online Environment. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 16(2), 93-103. [Full Text]


Qualitative research aims to understand both individual meaning as well as complex systemic interactions as they apply to social problems or individual experiences. This method of research is both inductive and flexible, allowing for a holistic approach that facilitates a rich understanding of the content examined. Past research identifies a number of challenges associated with teaching qualitative methodology to undergraduate students, including: the research skills and values maintained by the instructor, the prestige associated with qualitative research in particular, as well as a number of other interpersonal and environmental factors. These challenges are further complicated, it seems, when extended into the online learning environment. This paper explores the factors related to the instruction of qualitative research in an online environment and provides recommendations for best practices in teaching.


Keywords: Qualitative, research, online learning, distance learning, pedagogy.