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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015  

Leibold, N, & Schwarz, L. M. (2015). The Art of Giving Online Feedback. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 15(1), 34-46. [Full Text]


The cultivation of providing online feedback that is positive, effective, and enhances the learning experience is a valuable educator skill. Acquisition of the art of providing feedback is through education, practice, and faculty development. This article provides information about the best practices for delivering online feedback to learners. An examination is given of the concept, importance, purpose, and types of online feedback. A deliberation includes the best practices for giving online feedback to learners, such as prompt, frequent, personalized, detailed, clear, specific, and balanced. Additionally, a discussion of the various avenues of delivering online feedback, such as the written word, audio file, video recording, pre-set automated feedback, and live web-based conferencing. The “art” and scientific evidence of providing online feedback are coupled in this article to provide helpful tips for the online educator. 


Keywords: Online feedback, learner feedback, online teaching, balanced feedback, feedback sandwiches.