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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015  

Baim, S. A. (2015). Digital Storytelling: Conveying the Essence of a Face-to-Face Lecture in an Online Learning Environment. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 15(1), 47-58. [Full Text]


As the percentage of university-level courses delivered online continues to increase, instructors who rely on storytelling approaches to convey key concepts in lecture-based coursework will likely face the need to translate their oral storytelling modules into one or more formats that are suitable for use in an online learning environment. While in simple cases it may be sufficient to supply text-based transcriptions of stories and narratives or straightforward “talking head” style videos to online learners, more elaborate storylines may require the application of advanced multimedia presentation technologies, often referred to as digital storytelling. In this paper, the selection and preparation of video-based digital storytelling learning modules is discussed in the context of meeting the self-directed learning preferences of students enrolled in a senior-level undergraduate leadership course. An example video produced on the topic of mentorship illustrates how the gap between personalized face-to-face storytelling in a lecture-based course and the less personal asynchronous learning in an online section of the same course may be bridged to maintain student comprehension of the key concepts involved.  


Keywords: Digital storytelling, video, self-directed learning, higher education, mentorship.