ARC Services

Statisical Analysis

For researchers running MATLAB, SPSS, SAS, R, or other statistical analysis software, ARC offers systems on which to run simulations. In a survey of researchers on campus, it was discovered that many run their analysis on their desktops. In many cases, these jobs require hours or even days of processing, rendering the researcher's computer useless for other tasks.

Offering machines with either Windows or Linux, researchers can use these systems to offload processing overhead and free up their desktops and laptops for more day to day activities.

Data Storage

Many research projects consist of large data sets which require significant storage. ARC can create network-based storage with larger capacity than may be on your standard desktop or external drives. This storage is fault tolerant and backed up regularly.

Using network-based storage offers more flexibility as data is accessible from anywhere on campus. Data can also be accessed from off campus by using the VPN. Network-based storage allows entire research teams access to the same data without the burden of having multiple copies or access to a shared computer. But do not let this increased convenience worry you - ARC secures the storage so that only accounts you approve can see the data.

A final perk of ARC data storage is that additional space can be allocated to your project without requiring reformatting or copying of data to a new location. It is all handled on the administrative side and has no impact to your data or process.

Data Backup

Have research data or applications you need protected in case of hardware failure or disaster? ARC can back up your information to tape and store it off-site in a protected location. Should UNCW be hit by a hurricane or should your computer crash, your information will be safe.

File Sharing

With file sharing in ARC, you can host files for others to use. Whether you want to make sample files available for students, post research data for others to view, or create a shared workspace for collaboration, file sharing allows you to put your files safely on the network.

File shares can be set up with different levels of permissions. You can choose who needs read-only access, who needs access to post new data to the shared folder, and who needs access to change or delete data currently shared.

File shares are only available on campus or through the UNCW VPN. Only UNCW faculty, staff, and students will be able to access the shares. If you need to collaborate with non-UNCW researchers, check out Web Hosting (below).

Web Hosting

Put your content and data on the Web by utilizing Web Hosting through ARC. If you have a new application that needs to be viewable through the Internet or Intranet, or if you want to publish research data on the Web for others to see, ARC offers the option to host your information.

Access to upload, edit and delete content is only available on campus or through the UNCW VPN. Access is also limited to UNCW faculty, staff and students.

Application Hosting

Have a new application you would like to use in class or test for use in research? Have it hosted through ARC. Your application can be set up to be accessible on and off campus depending on your needs.


Research teams can have SharePoint sites set up for their groups and/or projects. Teams can centralize their documents and manage permissions themselves. They have access to wikis and blogs and can set up group calendars and tasks. They can also connect to meeting workspaces which provide a collection of agendas, documents, calendars, tasks, decisions and other meeting-related information. Finally, SharePoint allows research teams to have access to their information anywhere in the world without requiring VPN access.

The only catch is that SharePoint is only available to UNCW faculty, staff and students. The environment is not currently configured to allow access to researchers from other institutions.

Virtual Computers

Virtual Computers are available through ARC. A virtual workstation can be set up for your private use to help offload demand on resources from your primary computer.

Whether you are running analysis on results or testing new software, a virtual workstation can enable you to multitask without having to tie up your primary system. It also allows you the safety of experimenting with new technology without having to risk the stability of your main computer.

And remember, virtual computers can be customized to suit your needs. Instead of a cookie-cutter configuration, we will discuss what you need and build a system accordingly.

GIS Services

ARC maintains a license server for ESRI ArcGIS software. The license is provided by the College of Arts and Sciences in concert with the Department of Geology and Geography. View specifics about what applications are available and how to obtain the software.

Research Software

Over the coming months, ARC staff will be talking with researchers to get a better understanding of what research software titles are being used, how they are licensed and if there is media available on campus. The goal is three-fold:

  • To alert researchers to available titles on campus
  • To look at consolidating licenses for better pricing
  • To create a community for researchers to collaborate

If you are interested in submitting any information about research software you use, please email