Make a Gift

Commemorate Chancellor Aswani K. Volety’s installation with a gift to the Chancellor Excellence Fund.  

UNCW already stands on a sturdy foundation, thanks to 75 years of growth and success powered by private support.  Where we go from here and how we will get there will continue to be influenced by the active involvement of our alumni, donors and friends.  

Gifts to the Chancellor Excellence Fund will provide the flexible funding needed to move us forward. More than 90% of all gifts to the university are restricted for a particular purpose. Unrestricted gifts will give Chancellor Volety flexibility to advance emerging ideas, pursue powerful partnerships and meet unforeseen challenges. Gifts will be put to work using his guiding principles of:  

  1. How will this benefit students?  
  2. How will this support faculty and staff? 
  3. Will this move the university forward? 
  4. Will this benefit the region and North Carolina? 


Thank you for partnering with us during this pivotal time in our history to create a future like no other.