What is an installation?

An installation is the formal charging of a new institutional leader by the State of North Carolina through its representatives, the President of the University of North Carolina, the UNC Board of Governors and the UNCW Board of Trustees. This transition event grants the rights and powers of the Office of Chancellor and assigns the attendant responsibilities and accountability. The installation is a significant moment in the life of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, connecting longstanding traditions and symbols to the promises of a bright and inspiring future.

When is the installation ceremony?

10:30 a.m., Thursday, March 31, on the Hoggard Hall Lawn.

Is there a rain location?

The Installation Steering Committee will make a decision on Monday, March 28 regarding a rain plan.

Are members of the public invited to attend installation events?

The University of North Carolina Wilmington strongly embraces its role as a public institution. Therefore, the organizers of installation events have paid special attention to inviting members of the community from across North Carolina and beyond to participate in this historic occasion in the life of UNCW.

Where do I park?

Parking is in C, K and Greene Track & Field lots. Trolleys will loop around to drop off guests at Hoggard Hall Lawn and will transport guests back to their vehicles. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will classes be canceled so that students can attend the ceremony?

The university is not altering class schedules for the installation; however, faculty are encouraged to participate in the ceremony and other installation activities with their students to highlight the significance of this momentous event at UNCW.

Will offices and services close/suspend service during the ceremony?

The campus will not formally close during the ceremony. Each vice chancellor will determine which offices must remain open and staffed. 

Will the installation be available on video for viewing?

It will be posted on the installation website the first week of April and will air locally on The Learning Network (TLN) during the same week.

Where should guests of those processing sit?

Guests of those processing are invited to sit in any seats that are not reserved.

Where should I sit if I am faculty and I am not processing?

Faculty members who are not processing are invited to sit in any seats that are not reserved.

Where are the robing rooms?

• For faculty: Trask 117
• For visiting delegates, presidents and chancellors: Trask 119
• For UNC Board of Governors, UNCW Board of Trustees and the platform party: Alderman 215
• For the provost, vice chancellors and deans: Alderman 211

What is the attire for the ceremony?

Business attire is appropriate for the ceremony.

Who is invited to the picnic?

All guests are invited to attend the picnic on King Hall Lawn and Campus Commons immediately following the ceremony. Volunteers will direct guests.

Is there a gala?

No, there is not a gala associated with the installation.

Who is coordinating the overall installation?

The Installation Committee: 
• Claire Z. Stanley, chair
• Tanya D. Armour
• Bradley R. Ballou '06
• Jimmy F. Bass
• Frank J. Bongiorno
• Dawn H. Brown
• Robert T. Burrus
• Beau J. Cummings '06M
• Michelle L. Cummings
• Van O. Dempsey
• Carolyn S. Gavit
• Jennifer Glatt
• Megan P. Gorham '06M
• W. Kent Guion
• Charles J. Hardy, Ceremony Committee co-chair
• Janine E. Iamunno
• Aron P. Johnson
• J. Lee Knight
• Patricia L. Leonard
• Lindsay A. T. LeRoy
• J. Christina Logan
• Daniel McCord '17
• Carol P. McNulty
• Stephen S. Meinhold
• Lori Messinger
• Tracy H. Meyer
• Stefanie M. Norris
• Matthew D. Rogers
• Marilyn A. Sheerer
• Edwin T. Stuart '05M
• Kevin P. Thompson '12
• Sara F. Thorndike
• Ronald J. Vetter
• Christian H. Ward
• Robert F. Ward III '17
• W. David Webster '76
• Rick N. Whitfield
• Michael B. Wilhelm
• P. Kevin Williamson
• Larry A. Wray

Is it usual for the installation ceremony to take place after the chancellor starts work?

Yes, it is. Because an event of this scale includes the entire university community, it takes several months to plan and coordinate. An installation ceremony usually takes place sometime during the second semester of a new chancellor's first year of service.

How many chancellors has UNCW had?

Dr. Jose V. Sartarelli is the sixth chancellor and ninth leader of the University North Carolina Wilmington. Presidents led Wilmington College, as the university was known prior to joining the University of North Carolina system in 1969.

Previous UNCW Leaders:

• William A. Sederburg, Interim Chancellor (2014-15)
• Gary L. Miller, Chancellor (2011-14)
• Rosemary DePaolo, Chancellor (2003-11)
• James R. Leutze, Chancellor (1990-2003)
• William H. Wagoner, Chancellor and President (1968-90)
• William M. Randall, President (1958-68)
• John T. Hoggard, President (1949-58)
• T.T. Hamilton, President (1947-49)

What is the difference between a president and a chancellor?

In North Carolina, chancellor is the title given to the chief executive of one of the 17 institutions in the public university system, while president is the title given to the chief executive of the UNC system.

How much does the installation cost and what are the funding sources?

The installation ceremony and related activities taking place on March 31 are funded by revenue produced by an endowment funded by donors and friends of the university.

How can I congratulate Chancellor Sartarelli and support his vision for UNCW?

Gifts to honor Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli may be made to the Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship Fund. Please visit Giving to UNCW for more information about making a contribution.

These gifts will recruit and support UNCW students as they embark on their academic journey in higher education at the university. Chancellor Sartarelli sincerely believes in the power of scholarships and knows firsthand the impact of thoughtful gifts made by donors. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.