Interdisciplinary Studies

Student Testimonials 

"I really enjoyed the Interdisciplinary Studies program and I felt that it provided a great environment to study a topic of interest of your choice. I felt that throughout the experience that instructors were extremely responsive and reasonable. In general the classes promote critical thinking and the use of multiple areas of study which is extremely important due to ever increasing trends of specialization in academia." - R.M., '20

"My experience in the IDS program genuinely surprised me. I dropped out of UNCW in 2014 to go to paramedic school and join the Navy. The idea that I had not finished my degree was a constant pressure on my mind. I decided to return online to UNCW at literally the last minute. I think I had a day or so to get registered and back in classes. The only reason I decided on IDS was I wanted to finish as fast as possible. I did not think the program would set me up for success other than just finishing my degree. I was mistaken. I found a program that helped teach me freedom of thinking that can help develop cross-cutting insights into the complex problems of the world. I now see how fortunate I have been to be in this program because I am now applying for a graduate school program that is interdisciplinary in nature. I desire to get my masters in biodefense. Biodefense combines medicine, intelligence studies, international relations, policy-making, and politics. I feel confident applying to this program because of the foundation that was established in the IDS program. I have been truly blessed to have had such strong support from Dr. Rotchford, Professor Moench, and Ms. Maggie Bannon. Thank you!" - K.M., '20

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to finish my degree with the Interdisciplinary Studies program at UNCW. Since the very first call, program administrators have gone out of their way to make the process as easy as possible. I was able to take six credit hours each semester while working full time and taking care of two small children at home. 

The IDS courses were challenging, but designed in a way that was easy to follow. Each professor created an environment where I felt safe asking questions, and trust me, I had plenty after being away from UNCW after nearly 20 years.

Many of the biggest problems I have faced in my career in marketing and public relations have required more than one discipline to find a solution. I believe having this degree will make me an even greater asset to my company because I have a more well-rounded approach to problem solving. I look forward to using what I have learned in the future." - V.H., '20

"I would highly recommend the IDS program. Especially to students who either have had some rough patches in their college career, or those who have multiple interests. The program has a lot to offer for a wide variety of students. It teaches you how to take in a lot of information and to understand, process, and apply it to reality. It may be bold to say, but I feel that every single student could benefit from a program that is organized in an interdisciplinary format." - J.C., '20

"The IDS program has been an answered prayer for me. The creation of this program is helping me accomplish something that is so important to my future and  the entire process has been very easy to follow. Maggie Bannon worked with me every step of the way to make sure I had everything I needed.  

Even though I have been out of higher education for almost 20 years, the IDS courses have been very easy to navigate. I was slightly worried about jumping back in with so much new technology, but Dr. Rotchford has made everything very easy to comprehend. Each assignment has very clear directions and in many cases examples. When I have had questions, she responds immediately. I can't overestimate how helpful that really is.  

Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help promote this program. Four years ago I had nowhere to turn. I don't live in Wilmington anymore and starting over in another place wasn't a realistic option. Having this program and the distance learning option will truly change my life for the better." - V.H., '20

"I felt that my advising has been very helpful so far and helped me achieve my goals.  I also appreciate how our instructor Dr. Rotchford has been very helpful in an instructive manner during IDS 300 to help everyone in the class improve, including myself.  Looking back over my history of coursework I felt that I can see the growth in my own goals and studies.  This program provides a way to study some of the complex issues in the world today that interest you." - R.M., - '20 

"The IDS program is an answered prayer.  It has been my dream since I was little to go to college and be the first college graduate in my family. I am now 40 years old and finally my dream is coming true! It has taken me 12 years but I am finally accomplishing my dream of graduating college.  If it wasn't for the IDS program, my dream would not have come true.  The IDS program has been a complete blessing to my life." - K.R., '20 

"The Interdisciplinary Studies program at UNCW is a unique opportunity for students like myself. I am able to choose from a variety of courses that interest me within several disciplines, all while learning how to build upon my previous knowledge and life skills. The program teaches students how to find connections between each discipline and skill to become more effective at problem solving, learning, and collaborating. With a faculty that is just as passionate about the curriculum as they are the students, it truly is a wonderful experience - not just an education." - M.S., '23