Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty from Cameron School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, and Watson College of Education.  This group provides oversight in the development of policy and new curriculum. They will also review a student's previous course credit to determine if a course meets the student learning outcomes of the core or the options within the major.  


Kemille Moore, Ph.D.
Acting Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Policy and Enrollment Management
Associate Professor, Art History


Franzidis-0402.jpgAlexia Franzidis, Ph. D. 
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Recreation, Sport Leadership & Tourism Management



Edward Graham, Ph. D. Edward Graham, Ph.D.
Professor, Economics and Finance



Scott James, Ph. D. Scott James, Ph. D. 
Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion



 Mike Messina, Ph. D. Mike Messina, Ph. D. 
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry



Eleni Pappamihiel, Ph. D. Eleni Pappamihiel, Ph. D. 
Professor, Instruction Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education



carolpilgrim_8426.jpgCarol Pilgrim, Ph. D. 
Professor, Psychology


Lisa Sprod, Ph. D. Lisa Sprod, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Exercise Science



 Rachael Urbanek, Ph. D. Rachael Urbanek, Ph. D. 
Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair, Environmental Sciences