Interdisciplinary Studies

Student Accolades

Audrey Schumacher, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, December 2020

Audrey was awarded $5000 from the 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards (SURCA) for her work on Queer Voices: A Critical Queer Pedagogical Study for LGBT+ InclusionThrough interviews and qualitative data analysis using MAXQDA, the research will extend the scholarship of non-binary gender expression and identities.  Audrey will apply critical queer pedagogy (challenging hierarchal and heteronormative educational practices) to develop a set of inclusive pedagogical tools for faculty and staff at UNCW.

  • Faculty Advisors  
    • Dr. Ann Rotchford, Department of Sociology and Criminology
    • Dr. Addie Sayers, Department of English
  • Graduate Student Mentor
    • Meg Robertson, Department of English