Human Resources

Covid-19 Leave Bank

UNCW has established a COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank to help leave-earning employees who cannot work for certain COVID-19-related reasons.

What reasons are covered by the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank?

The leave bank is for employees who cannot report to work for certain COVID-19-related reasons, including childcare, elder care, close contact in the last 14 days with a person who has tested positive, has symptoms, under quarantine, or who cannot telework.

Who is eligible to receive leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank?

Employees must have exhausted all of their own leave in order to be eligible to receive leave from the leave bank. A maximum of 160 hours may be used by an employee.

Who can donate to the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank?

All leave-earning employees may voluntarily elect to donate leave to the leave bank. Donated leave is not returned to the donor if it is not used and the recipient cannot retain any of the donated leave not used. Leave is donated to a bank and cannot be donated to a specific individual. A maximum of 200 hours may be donated by an employee.

How do I request or donate leave from/to the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank?

Below are the links to the donation form and the request form.

REQUEST Leave from the COVID-19 Leave Bank

DONATE Leave to the COVID-19 Leave Bank