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UNCW Move-Out Information

Closing Check-out Information

As we approach the end of the academic year, we applaud each resident for showing extraordinary determination and perseverance in the face of the challenge and difficulty we experienced this year. Undoubtedly, your efforts in following the safety guidelines of the 3 W’s, residential COVID-19 limitations on visitation, and weekly testing have helped our residential community successfully reach the end of our year. Here you will find information that will help you have a successful check-out and departure from UNCW. If you have specific questions, please outreach to your Residence Coordinator or Resident Advisor.

Check-Out Timeline and Process

On April 1, you received an email from HRL with some broad closing details. It noted that all residents should check out 24-hours after their last final or by 3pm on Friday, May 7, whichever comes first.  The following week your RC sent an email detailing more specific check-out instructions for your area. Both of these emails you can find further below. In general, a check out will include the removal of all personal belongings (and trash), rearrange furniture as it was at your arrival (all beds should be de-lofted), fully clean your room, return your key and complete check-out paperwork. Failing to complete all the steps outlined by your RC will result in a charge. 

Late Stay Requests

If you have an extenuating need for housing past the check-out deadline, please complete the Late Stay Request Form.  Requests must be made by 12pm on Tuesday, May 4. The RC will review requests within 2-3 business days and communicate an approval or denial.  Residents graduating or assisting with graduation will be automatically approved but still need to make a formal request.  

Summer/Intern Housing 

If you plan to be in Wilmington this summer, know that we can accommodate you in Seahawk Crossing with Summer/Intern Housing. Please refer to our email on March 19 for additional details and how to sign up. Note: There is a gap between spring and summer housing but we can provide transition housing between. Simply request it using the Spring to Summer Transition Request Form.

Links to closing communication

HRL Email on Closing

Belk & Graham-Hewlett Closing Email

Pelican Hall Closing Email

Sandpiper Hall Closing Email

Seahawk Crossing Closing Email

Seahawk Landing Closing Email

Seahawk Village Closing Email

Schwartz Closing Email

University Suites Closing Email

Tri-House (Cornerstone, Innovation and Keystone) Closing Email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have help moving out? During the move-out process you can have up to two non-resident guests assisting you with moving out. However, help should not be confused with the ability to visit, which would result in a referral to ODOS.
  • Will moving bins be available? Each area will have moving bins available at their Area’s Front desk. If one is not available, consider waiting for one to be returned. If you are using one, move your items and return the bin quickly so others can use it.
  • What do I do with my staff I do not want/need? All personal belongings must be out of your space when you depart. Recycling and trash should be taken out to their respective locations. Please do not drop items around/outside the dumpster or leave them in the hallway/building. If a dumpster is full, find the next closest one and let us know. If you have gently used clothing or non-perishable food items, consider donating it through the Closet Clean-Out program (see graphic below).