Housing & Residence Life

UNCW Move-Out Information

Winter Break Closing Information

As we approach the end of the Fall 2022 semester, we would like to remind all students residing on campus that the following residence halls will close at 3:00PM on Friday, December 16, 2022: Belk, Cornerstone, Graham-Hewlett, Innovation, Keystone, Loggerhead, Pelican, Sandpiper, Schwartz, and Terrapin Halls.  All residents living in these halls are not permitted to remain on campus during winter break. The residence hall doors will be locked, and all access will be suspended over the winter break.

University Suites, Seahawk Crossing, Seahawk Landing, and Seahawk Village will remain open throughout the winter break and residents are not required to vacate their spaces.

Residents not returning to UNCW for the Spring 2023 semester, regardless of residence location, will be required to fully checkout within 24 hours of their last final exam. Checkout can be done through your RA or via the Express Checkout on or before 3:00PM on Friday, December 16th.  If you need an extended stay accommodation or if you have specific questions, please contact your Residence Coordinator (RC).

Timeline and Process

Residents should vacate their rooms/suites no later than 24 hours after their last final or by 3:00PM on Friday, December 16, 2022Residents will receive detailed information from their RC via email regarding specifics of this process.

General Timeline

December 7: Last Day of Class. 24-Hour Quiet Hours in effect until the end of the semester

December 8: Reading Day

December 9: First Day of Finals  

December 11 at 12PM Noon: Deadline for residents to request Late Stay (additional information below)

December 23: Housing and Residence Life office closes for winter break.

January 3, 2023: Housing and Residence Life office re-opens following the winter break.

January 6 at 1:00PM: Closed residence halls will re-open and residents will be permitted to return to their rooms/suites.

January 11: Spring 2023 Classes Begin


Additional Information

  • When vacating, residents must leave their room/suite in a clean and organized condition. Please remove all trash and ensure all doors and windows are locked and lights are turned off.
  • If there is a vacant bedspace in the room, please ensure the space is ready to receive a roommate immediately following the winter break.
  • Please take any valuable items, medications, important personal documents, etc. with you when you leave campus. Housing will not be able to escort residents back into the buildings over winter break for any reason.
  • Students not returning to UNCW for the Spring 2023 semester will be required to fully check-out and must remove all personal items. All furniture should be returned to its original place. Keys need to be returned to the front desk to avoid any additional charges or fees.
  • Any spaces containing damages, missing items, personal belongings, trash, or left in a condition that requires excessive cleaning may result in charges to the student's account.


Extended Stay Requests

“Extended Stay” requests are for any student needing to remain in the residence hall between December 17th – 18th for extenuating circumstances such as university-sponsored activities, on-campus employment, and travel.  Please note all students approved for Extended Stay must vacate by 10AM on Sunday, December 18th. 

If you have an extenuating need for housing past the published deadline, please contact your RC.  Your RC will review requests within 2-3 business days and communicate an approval or denial.  Residents graduating or assisting with graduation will be automatically approved but still need to make a formal request to their RC.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have help moving out? During the move-out process you can have up to two non-resident guests assisting you with moving out.
  • What do I do with my stuff I do not want/need? All personal belongings must be out of your space when you depart. Recycling and trash should be taken out to their respective locations. Please do not drop items around/outside the dumpster or leave them in the hallway/building. If a dumpster is full, find the next closest one and let us know. If you have gently used clothing or non-perishable food items, consider donating it through the Closet Clean-Out program.