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May graduation application deadline March 8th

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants March 15th



Writing the Museum: Art collections and pictorial imagination in Early Modern Spanish literature – Monday, February 4th at 5:30pm

Fisher Student Center 2011 - Masonboro Island Room

This lecture will explore how the Theatrum Pictorium can serve as a paradigm of the unmistakable influence of art in literary fiction of the Hispanic Baroque by taking into consideration the enormous importance of the collections or proto-museums as spaces, in which an interest in painting and visual language emerged and pervaded all social strata.

Dean's Lecture Series in the Humanities: Imagining Africa in the Early Modern Era – Wednesday, February 6th at 5:30pm

Leutze Hall 143

This talk will give an overview of European configurations of Africa particularly by way of the writings and maps of Spanish and Portuguese captives, slaves, ransomers, missionaries, diplomats, adventurers and cartographers.

Dean's Lecture Series in the Humanities: Writing Algiers (1500-1730) – Thursday, February 7th at 6pm

Fisher Student Center 1002 - Lumina Theater

This lecture asks why Algiers attracted this extraordinary attention, how the representation of Algiers changed over time, and in what ways we can consider Algiers as a setting for early modern cosmopolitanism.

Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series - Monday, February 11, 2019 at 4 to 5pm 

Burney Center Ballroom - Parking available in Lot M

Featuring Dr. Mildred Garcia, president of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

4th Annual Darwin Day - Tuesday February 12th, 2019 at 6:00pm

Morton Hall Room 100

This year we are hosting an evening of cross disciplinary lightning talks. We will also be joined by Patricia Kelly (UNCW Professor Emerita of Geology) for a Darwinian performance! This is a light hearted event where we can connect students from all majors, faculty, and community members to evolutionary theory by highlighting the interconnections across campus (Note: there is also a costume contest so get out your best evolution-themed attire.)

About International Darwin Day

Folksongs and the Labor Movement – Monday, February 18th at 5:30pm

Randall Library Auditorium (2nd Floor)

Music, Social Movements, History, Sociology. Come see Dr. Corey Dolgon explore the function of folks songs in the struggle for workers’ rights, civil rights, women’s rights, environmental protection and other movements.

Honors College Spring Speaker – Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm

Lumina Theatre

“The Laughing Guide to Well Being” -- Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky (University of Miami)

Come here about the connections between science, humor, happiness and well-being.

Honors Pitch Session – Friday, March 1st from 11:00 am until 12 noon

KE 1114 

For those students wishing to begin an Honors thesis project in Film Studies come the fall term of 2019. 



Asheville Spring Break Trip – March 11th to 17th

Spend your spring break in the “PARIS OF THE SOUTH” (Asheville, North Carolina) with other Honors students and faculty. Join us for a journey to one of the most unique areas in the South, where science, art, music, food and design intersect. We’ll explore nature, culture and community, and you’ll get a taste of a quintessential HONORS COLLEGE EXPERIENCE.

$300 covers transportation, housing, entrance fees and some meals.

See the house of poet Carl Sandburg, the Moog Synthesizer factory, the forest where they filmed The Hunger Games and the birthplace of forestry, all in one trip.

For more information, contact Dr. Bingham: binghams@uncw.edu

Honors in London - August 1st to August 10th

Join us for a trip to London this summer and then a fall course on “Consumer Culture and Shopping Society” (HON 210). London is one of the original epicenters of global consumer culture. It is a city that played a central role in evolution of mass production, consumption, fashion, shopping arcades, and pop culture. Through the lenses of sociology, psychology, history, architecture and economics we will examine the role that consumer values played in city life, as well as the role the city serves as the veins of a consumer culture. This will include a range of questions: How is shopping part of “being a city citizen”?  How has consumption shaped the evolution and planning of London? How do particular spaces shape consumption and the consumer mind? The goal of the course is to arrive at a better and more critical understanding of how consumption figures into individual and global identities. The London experience will provide the illustrations, data and a frame for the fall HON 210 course. 

London Dates: Aug 1st - Aug 10th (you must enroll in the fall HON 210 course)

Cost: $1,875

Highlights: Soho, Museum of London, Museum of Brands, Harrods, London Apple Store, Portobello Road Market, Tate Modern Museum, Covent Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, theatre outing, and more.


499 Honors Cafe Workshops


Workshop Descriptions

NUTS and BOLTS! Honors Project Logistics - Beginning: This workshop goes over logistics and expectations during the first semester of 499. 

LAUNCH! Starting an Honors Thesis: Attendees will learn about (1) how to start an honors project, including finding a topic, advisor, and committee, (2) how to create an action plan, and (3) how to manage time and tools to help.

DISSECT! Parts of a Thesis Paper:  Attendees will learn about (1) scholarly writing, (2) typical thesis structure, (3) stages of the writing process, (4) dealing with writer's block, and (5) sharing your work. This workshop includes hands-on activities in which attendees examine completed student Honors theses/papers to understand the structure.

POP!  Compelling Writing:  Participants in this workshop will learn strategies for making their writing more compelling, eloquent, and cogent.  Students should bring a small sample of their writing to practice improving.    

FINISH! Logistics of finishing an Honors project:  This workshop goes over logistics and expectations during the final semester of 499.

DEFEND! Preparing for your oral defense: Attendees will learn about (1) format, (2) preparation, (3) expectations, (4) alleviating concerns, and (5) presentation resources. 

SEE! How to Make a Poster:  Attendees will learn about scholarly poster design, composition, and tools to implement it (e.g., PowerPoint). 


Workshop Dates






Tuesday, January 22 12:30-1:30pm Nathan Crowe Launch! RL 2007A
Thursday, January 31 5:00-6:00pm Sue Richardson Dissect! RL 2007A
Thursday, February 7 5:00-6:00pm Sue Richardson Launch! RL 2007A
Tuesday, February 19 12:30-1:30pm Nathan Crowe Dissect! RL 2007A
Friday, March 8 3:00-4:00pm Nathan Crowe Dissect! RL 2007A
Monday, March 18 3:30-4:30pm Sue Richardson Pop! RL 2007A
Tuesday, April 2 12:30-1:30pm Nathan Crowe Defend! RL 2007A
Thursday, April 11 5:00-6:00pm Sue Richardson Defend! RL 2007A
Dr. Sue Richardson, Film Studies, Honors Council
Dr. Nathan Crowe, History
For more info: Phone: 910-962-3408
E-mail: honors@uncw.edu
Website: www.uncw.edu/honors


Cultural Events

Wilmington Symphony Orchestra – Saturday, Feb 23rd at 7:30pm

Wilmington Symphony Orchestra: Unfinished Business – Saturday, Jan 26th at 7:30pm


Limited number of spots, so reach out to styesp@uncw.edu ASAP!