Graduate Liberal Studies Program

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Jenny Yates, PhD

Dr. Jenny Yates

Distinguished Visiting Scholar - Part-time Instructor in PAR and GLS

E-mail: yatesj AT uncw DOT edu


Ph.D. Syracuse University, Inter-disciplinary Humanities
(Religion and Philosophy), 1973
M.A.R. Yale University, 1967
B.A. Furman University, 1965
Diploma, Institute for Analytical Psychology, Zurich, 1992
Experience Visiting Distinguished Scholar, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, UNCW
Part time Lecturer Philosophy and Religion Department
Chair, and Full Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Chairperson, Division of Humanities (2000-2002)
Wells College, 1975-2002
Jungian Analyst, Private Practice, Ithaca, N.Y. 1992-2002
Faculty, Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts 1993-2003
Parliamentarian, International Association of Analytical Psychology
Research Fellow, Yale University, Sabbatical, 1996-1997
Visiting Associate, Cal Tech, 1984, Lab of Nobel laureate Roger Sperry, Split Brain/Mind Research
Lecturer in Philosophy/Religion Core Program, Colgate University, 1973-74
Psychiatric Social Work, University of Virgina Medical School, 1967-1969

Recent Publications

Jung on Death and Immortality , Princeton University Press, 1999
The Near-Death Experience , Routledge Press, 1996
Psyche ad the Split-Brain , University Press of America, 1994
"A Dream of Hokhmah, Sophia, Shekinah," Cambridge 2001 , Daimon-Verlag, Switzerland, 2003.


Teaching Excellence Award 1988, Wells College
Ida Dorothea Atkinson Endowed Chair in Humanities, 2000-2002

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