Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Writing as Witness to the Human Slave Trade

Instructor: Maryellen C. Martino (martinom AT uncw DOT edu)

In this course, students will join with the instructor in exploring the largely invisible stain on humanity, the contemporary traffic in human beings. In addition to reading contemporary texts, students will hear guest speakers address facets of the issue. As writers, how do we learn about a topic to which mainstream journalism and government policy alike seem indifferent? Why does it not inspire reformers and abolitionists, as the African slave trade once did? What is the literary writer's obligation to such social injustice-- can art address it meaningfully and effectively? As writers of conscience, what is our obligation to participate in making public policy? Students will respond to the texts and presentations through discussion and their own original writing in whatever genre they choose and share their creative work with the class.

Last Update: October 15, 2010