Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: What Lies Within: Discovering and Expressing Your Creative Self

Instructor: Anne Russell

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1/12 Class begins; please wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion to sit on; we define the creative personality & engage in temperament self-assessment; we explore the creative process; we examine our life problems as opportunities for creativity: Diary of Anne Frank & California dreaming: constructing a house from a 747 jet; Raleigh's Lucy Daniels, founder of the Lucy Daniels Foundation & Center for Creativity

1/19 Life dynamics of creative people: Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keefe, Sylvia Plath, others; mood swings and creativity: going with the flow; form and the transmutation of life experience into creative art: Anne Russell's drama The Coldest Night in Georgia

1/26 Sources of creativity & blocks to creativity; the art & the libido; art v. authoritative society; dreams as hidden messages; intuition v. logic; private self v. public self; defining our own creative endeavor as our class project (expressive art, work problem, relationship problem, life enrichment, new life direction)

1/26 Brainstorming our projects; discussion of Touched with Fire by Kay Redfield Jamison

2/2 Brainstorming our projects; constructivity v. destructivity, discussion of The Untouched Key and The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

2/9 Brainstorming our projects; discussion of Dreams: Science, Art, & the Unconscious Mind edited by Lynn Gamwell

2/16 Brainstorming our projects; discussion of The Courage to Create by Rollo May

2/23 Brainstorming our projects: discussion of Getting Out of Your Own Way by Nancy Shainberg

3/2 Sharing your critiques from your attendance at a performance, art exhibition, literary reading, musical presentation, or field trip to The Lucy Daniels Foundation

3/9 Spring break, no class

3/16 Truman Capote & Tennessee Williams: transforming painful life experience into redemptive art

3/23 Brainstorming creative approaches to contemporary societal problems; art as therapy v. escapism in alcohol & drugs

3/30 The Creative Household v. Consumerism

3/30 Psychoanalysis as an art form; rediscovering our creative selves in late life

4/6 Born in the USA: The First Amendment & creative expression: the art museum & the Cruicifix in urine

4/13 Holiday, no class

4.20 Celebrating progress on our own creative endeavors

4/27 Last class: creating our own Final Exam

5/4 Final exam day: taking & evaluating our class-generated Final Exam

Class dynamics: Our class will provide relief from the usual restrictive, authoritarian environment in which we ordinarily work and live. We will establish a creative community, remove our public masks, reconnect with the "child" inside us, and reveal our authentic selves without fear of censorship or ridicule and shaming. Grading will be based on the investment we make in class participation.

Anne Russell's Credentials: Dr. Russell is a published author, produced dramatist, and screenwriter, who holds an MFA in creative writing, has conducted a private practice as a licensed professional counselor, has served as the City of Raleigh's first arts director, and teaches as a professor of journalism and communications. She has studied with the Lucy Daniels Foundation and New York City's Greenwich House center for the arts, and she has been honored as one of North Carolina's Women of Letters.

Last Update: February 10, 2008