Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Watergate: The Watershed of 20th Century American Politics

Instructor: Karel Dutton

Washington Post front page with Nixon picture

Thirty plus years have gone by since the infamous Watergate incident changed the scenery of the American political system forever. A president was forced to resign, new ethics laws were enacted, and the media rose to unprecedented power. This class will examine the scope of Watergate from its beginning to its impact on present day politics. Further, with therevelation of Deep Throat in 2005, the Watergateera (story) ismore compelling than ever. Watergate films, articles and tapes will be studied. And students will decide for themselves if lessons have been learned.

Required reading:

All The President's Men by Bob Woodward and Carol Bernstein

Shadow: Five Presidents and The Legacy of Watergate by Bob Woodward (available for approximately $7.00 at Books-A-Million

Last Update: October 4, 2006