Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Movers, Shakers, Troublemakers: The Constructive Role of Dissent in North Carolina

Instructor: Anne Russell

Pillars of the community make vital contributions to the life of North Carolina. But dissenters and social activists also play a constructive role in moving our community forward.

What is a marginal person? An outlaw?

Why do we fear people labeled loose cannons and whistleblowers?

Who were the Wilmington Ten and the Greensboro Four?

Why was African American Alex Manly run out of Wilmington?

Who was Crystal Lee Jordan and how did she unionize Roanoke Rapids textile workers?

Why is Native American Eddie Hatcher serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison?

How did white Wilmingtonian Margaret Herring evolve from a proper preacher's daughter into a notorious rights activist?

Why did African American factory worker Theodosia Simpson take on RJReynolds Tobacco Company and win?

Is Wilmington's Ted Sampley a POW/MIA angel or demon?

What caused UNCW board of trustees chairman Dr. Hubert Eaton to strike fear in the hearts of local segregationists before he was embraced by the white establishment?

What motivated these Tarheels to become catalysts for change? Why are college students in the forefront of social activism? Is today's political climate ripe for activism?

(Anne Russell is a native North Carolinian who is a first amendment and human rights activist with a PhD in American Studies. She is a journalist, playwright, and psychotherapist.)

Last Update: November 17, 2008