Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Technology and the Quality of Life

Instructor: Patricia Turrisi


GLS 592-005 (Object Fancy) and GLS 592-006 (Technology and the Quality of Life) in Fall 2012, and, GLS 592-TBA (Evil and Suffering) and GLS 592-TBA (Happiness and Well-Being) in Spring 2013, are four topically related courses of 1.5 credits each. They may be taken as stand-alone courses, or in any combination or two, three, or all four courses. Each are cross-listed as PAR 492 course sections as well. The student learning objectives and course requirements differ for GLS 592 graduate sections and undergraduate PAR 492 sections while the course descriptions are the same for graduate and undergraduate sections.

Technology and the Quality of Life

From the opposable thumb and stone implements to electronic imaging, high speed communication, genetically modified foods, and bionic replacements, humans have created or adapted their environments to accommodate their desires, whether for survival, conquest, pleasure or curiosity. How well have we served our best interests by the pursuit and use of technology? Does technology aid or inhibit human freedom or happiness? How has technology affected the quality of human life historically? This course compares several key historical and global contexts in which the products of technology have been made, their purpose and value, and their effects on the quality of life: the human body as a technology, medicine and the technê of health, the machine age and automation, and the technology of food production.

Last Update: February 27, 2012