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GLS 592: The Dark Side of Scottish Fiction

Instructor: Ele Byington

When you think of Scotland do you think of mountains and great green glens, and Brave-heart and his band of Scottish chiefs chasing off the English Army? Or do you think, perhaps, of Scottish games, sword dances, heather, bagpipes, and maybe even haggis? This course isn't about any of those things, except for the mountains and great glens. It's about contemporary Scottish fiction and culture, the award-winning fiction that depicts the culture of late 20th century Scotland in novels, novellas, poetry, films and plays. Some of this fiction is not for the faint of heart since it includes the work of Irvine Welsh now an international pop culture (or drug culture) icon and of filmmakers who don't draw the curtain over the most disturbing elements of the culture.

Bonus: I'll conduct an eye-opening trip to Scotland during spring break to visit both the major urban areas and the western highland and islands if there's enough interest in traveling to Scotland . Cost: all travel including airfare and ground travel within Scotland , accommodation, and some meals is approximately $1500. Anyone who cares about where Prince William goes to school (in St. Andrews ), should take this trip. But who does?

Last Update: February 10, 2008