Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Scholarships and Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

All applicants for a GA must submit, in addition to the application provided below, a current C.V. and a current UNCW degree audit.

Note: New students who have not attended UNCW in a graduate status need not submit a degree audit.

  • 2 GLS GAs -

    • 2 GLS GAs: Internal to GLS Office:

      Two GAs at $13,000 each ($6,500 per semester) -- All assignees will report to either the Assistant Director or the Director of the GLS Program as directed. Each full GA requires 20 hours/week work. At the Directors discretion, these assistantships can be broken up and assigned to more than two students as long as the $26,000 cap is not exceeded. Workhour requirements will follow GA award amounts. Anticipated work areas are:
      • Editorial management of the GLS journal, Palaver.
      • Assistance in tasks associated with the publication of Palaver.
      • Serving as an officer of the Graduate Liberal Studies Student Association.
      • Assisting faculty with guest lectures and course preparation.
      • Assisting with various projects in support of co-curricular events and activities.
      • Development of a program to market Graduate Liberal Studies to the appropriate audience.
      • Occasionally assisting the Program Assistant.

All successful applicants for a GA must provide to the GLS Program Office:

  • a Form W4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate -- federal). At UNCW, this form is completed online. For instructions on how to complete this form, go to Payroll's web page titled "Update Federal and State Tax Forms Online - Quick and Easy Directions" located at Notify the GLS Program Assistant when this action is complete. The form will not be available until the student is fully accepted and admitted and the job assignment is in the UNCW system..
  • an NC-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate -- North Carolina). As with the Form W4, this form is completed online. Go to the web page referenced above for instructions on how to proceed.
  • a UNCW Direct Deposit form (with voided check or deposit slip). To obtain the proper form, go to Payroll's "Payroll" web page located at Click on "Direct Deposit" to obtain the form.
  • an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) -- the federal government requires that this form must be completed within three days of commencing work. The usual practice to have it completed well before work starts.
    • The I-9 must be filled out and signed in person at the HR office. Ivor Dikkers is the point-of-contact at 910.962.2103 - dikkersi AT uncw DOT edu. All supporting documents must be valid (unexpired) and, with the exception of a Social Security card, must be photo ID and the signatures on the form must be originals. The I-9 must be completed by the third day after start of work; this includes the day work starts. Students are expected to ensure that this requirement is met well in advance of the above deadline.
    • After the I-9 is completed, the applicant's information will be submitted, using E-Verify, to both Social Security and Homeland Security to ascertain if the applicant is authorized to work in the United States.

Tuition Remission

  • 1 at $13,828 (maximum award may increase for 2019-2020) - this amount is for an academic year. Half will be paid in each of the two semesters (fall and spring). The total amount of funding may change from year to year.
  • There are two major eligibility requirements for the tuition remission:
    1. The student must have a graduate assistantship; and,
    2. the student must be out-of-state or foreign as the remission pays the difference between in-state and out-of-state. (The student is responsible for the in-state portion.)
    The actual amount of the remission depends on the number of credit hours in which the out-of-state student is enrolled and the actual tuition costs at the time of issuance..


  1. Tuition remissions, though granted by the Graduate School for each academic year, may not be available to all applicants every year. If a tuition remission was given to a student in their first year and that student has made satisfactory progress toward the degree and has not been reclassified as "instate for tuition purposes" or will be supported by some other funds, the program is obligated to use the awarded tuition remission to cover the student for the second year.
  2. The amount of each semester's tuition remission is closely linked to the receiving student's hourly enrollment for that semester. Once the remission has been awarded, students should not decrease or increase the number of hours enrolled. If a change in enrolled hours appears necessary, discuss the change with the GLS Program Director and the Graduate School before making the change. Changes, especially reductions in hours enrolled, can result in the student being required to reimburse the university for a remission previously paid.


New Scholar Award.

This award is used to recruit new students. It is worth $1,000 ($500 in the fall and $500 in the spring). Awards will based on prior academic achievement and offered to one new MALS student for use in defraying academic expenses. The awarded amount will be applied to the student's account to offset tuition and fees.


Graduate Tuition Scholarships.

This scholarship is worth $2,500 but is ordinarily broken into $1,000 and $500 awards. These smaller scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. The awarded amount will be applied, in the fall semester only, to the student(s)' account to offset in-state tuition and fees. Applicants with a history of past UNCW graduate work must submit an unofficial advising academic transcript reflecting that work with their application.

WentworthBerg Scholarship Award.

This scholarship is for $500 and is offered, in the fall semester only, to a high performing, current GLS student.

Other Scholarships

Information on other scholarships offered by UNCW are documented in the Graduate Catalogue (use the drop down box top right to choose the current graduate catalogue) and the University Advancement web page titled Scholarships Provided by UNCW Donors. Check the listing under "Graduate Fellowships."


Applications are now open. . If any questions, please contact the GLS Program Assistant, Rachel Gentry, at gentryrc AT uncw DOT edu. A link to the application form is provided below:

GLS Assistantships, Fellowships, and Scholarships Application
(Restricted to UNCW GLS Students Only)

The application is due in the GLS Director's Office by July 25th, 2019. See our Contacts page for details on our location, etc. Please do not send applications to the Graduate School; use the GLS information on this page.

NOTE: If you wish to be considered for GLS assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships based on need, you must also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more details, contact the UNCW Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSF). A link to the FAFSA is found on the OSF home page. Relevant OSF contact information is also provided below:

Email: finaid AT uncw DOT edu

Last Update: July 1, 2019