Graduate Liberal Studies Program

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GLS 592: The Qur'ān in Translation

Instructor: Herb Berg

A page from a very old Qur'an
A page from a very old Qur'ān

The Qur'ān is the scripture of almost a quarter of the world's population and an inspiration for humble Sufi mystics and for Islamic extremists alike. The recitation of the Qur'ān can move some to tears, some to ecstasy, and some to violence. For all Muslims it provides meaning to their lives and serves a direct and tangible access to actual words of God. This course examines this sacred book. The Qur'ān's context, transmission, and form, as well as its major themes, such as God, humanity, prophethood, and the hereafter will be explored. The course will then deal with the theological and mystical and interpretations of the Qur'ān. The Qur'ān's role in Islamic art, modern politics and personal piety will also be explored.

Last Update: January 11, 2012