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Linda Ramge -- Alumnus

Linda Ramge

After nearly twenty-five years in the workforce, involving three major career changes, several geographic moves, and raising two sons who are both successful professionals, I am ready to enter a new phase of my life by pursuing a graduate degree in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

My undergraduate studies focused on the medical field and I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in medical technology. After working for several years in hospital and clinical laboratories as a medical technologist with a specialization in microbiology, my family moved to Charlotte, NC, and I found a position as an instructor in the Medical Assisting program at King's College, a private business college. In 1992, I was asked to assume the responsibilities of director of the Medical Assisting program, a position that I held until we moved to Wilmington, NC in l998. I am currently the office administrator at a high profile law firm in Wilmington-a position that has provided an opportunity to learn about a field that was previously unfamiliar to me.

I have found that since leaving the medical training field, I do miss teaching and the interaction with students. I enjoyed teaching classes such as medical terminology and human anatomy and physiology. It was challenging and gratifying to take a subject as complex as the human body and break it down into manageable units that students could grasp and eventually assemble to gain an understanding of the entire organism. I have also found that teaching positions in similar medical assisting programs in Wilmington require a Master's degree. A Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree would complement my background and previous experience and would also fulfill the requirement for a graduate degree.

A graduate degree has always been a goal in my life, but one that has been deferred by career and family responsibilities. I am now at a crossroads in my life when I must ask myself, "If not now, when?" I am fortunate to be able to structure a part-time work schedule to allow myself time and energy to concentrate on my personal goals. I would be able to draw on my knowledge and experience in the medical, educational, and legal fields-as well as many years of "life" itself-and my interest in politics, literature, and social problems to address the issues explored in a graduate liberal studies program. The traditional liberal-arts focus of the program especially appeals to me. "Traditional" does not necessarily have to mean "old-fashioned." Years of working with young people has conditioned me to not resist progress or change, but I tend to view progress from a "traditional" point of view. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program offers an opportunity for self-enrichment through the investigation of many challenging subjects, and I look forward to the interaction with faculty and other students in a stimulating and highly motivated learning environment.

Last Update: October 17, 2003