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Susan Ann Morris Bean

Susan Ann Morris Bean -- Alumnus

Recently, I had the pleasure of working for the Chancellor's Office at UNCW. What was only to have been a two-day assignment, turned into a six-month position as a researcher, writer and Web site coordinator for UNCW's "Troubled Waters" documentary and Web site. For the first time in years, I felt inspired and mentally stimulated by my work. Upon reflection, I decided that I would very much like to continue working in an academic environment and started to examine my potential for a permanent career in higher education. After discussions with staff and faculty at UNCW, it became apparent the only way my abilities and extensive experience would be utilized was if I held a Masters degree.

I examined the various degrees available through UNCW and found the MALS program most appropriate, as many of the courses compliment my experience in film, theatre, television, and radio. Not only would this program facilitate employment as a Videographer/Educator, it would be of assistance in the production of a multi-cultural children's series I have been working on for some time as a personal project. The broad spectrum of courses will provide an opportunity to explore society and its influences. I was immediately drawn to four particular courses: Mass Media and Society, Threatre and Cinema, Documentary Film: Moving Images, and Art in Social Science Perspective. I believe these courses will not only enhance my familiarity with the subjects, they will provide a better understanding of the mediums and of the society to which they are targeted. Other courses of interest include Post-Modern Childhood, Cultural Images of America in the 50s and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Popular Culture, again for the same reasons. Upon completion of this program, I will certainly have a better grasp on how to approach future projects and how to make them more meaningful and useful to society.

Last Update: February 12, 2008