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Chris Abrons -- Alumnus

chris abrons

I have worked in the nursing profession for most of my life. At the present time, I am employed by the American Red Cross as a Health and Safety Instructor. I am married and the mother of two daughters. This has been a transitional year for me. I turned fifty and sent my daughters to college. Some individuals find this time of their lives very disturbing. I find it full of expectations and opportunities.

I would describe myself as a life-long learner. Several times I have returned to the classroom to continue my education. I began this process in a vocational school for practical nurses. After several years of working as an LPN, I entered a career ladder program designed to transition nurses from the LPN to the RN level. I soon faced the demands of raising a young family, but longed for the opportunity to continue my education. I was able to enroll in a distance learning program at Saint Joseph's College in Maine that led to my obtaining a BS degree in Health Care Administration. The completion of this program took many years because of family and work responsibilities. To this point, my education has been primarily in the medical field. I feel the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington would satisfy my passionate commitment to life-long learning and expand my knowledge in areas other than nursing.

I have always had an interest in cultural diversity and the MALS program would clearly provide me with the opportunity to explore world cultures in such courses as "Culture Wars and the Origin of Difference," "Shamanism," "The Historical Geography of Food," "The Black Intellectual Tradition," and Religion and Sex." I also realize there is no better place to study than in a classroom with highly motivated adult learners since each student brings a unique personal history and experience into the mix.

Besides working for the Red Cross, I am involved with several service organizations in the local community. Given the humanistic orientation of its curriculum, its emphasis upon cultural diversity, and its multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, I feel that my experience in the MALS program would greatly enhance my involvement in such groups. Finally, I feel the MALS program would provide an inviting stimulus for personal growth and self-enrichment as well as the opportunity to explore and research social, environmental, and cultural issues of personal interest.

Last Update: February 12, 2008