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Student News 2006 Photo Opportunities

GLS Graduation Reception - Spring 2006 - Our two recipients of the post-Master's certificate were Curt Allen-Little and Joan McKillop. Curt and Joan were the very first recipients of this certificate. Our eighteen MALS graduates were Susan Ann Bean, L. Preston Craddock, Caroline Ann Cropp, Mark G. Eyre, Regina M. Fennell, Frank Howard, Amy L. Jerome, Gloria M. Jones, Natalie M. Laight, Joanie D. Martin, Donna Ray Mitchell, Angel M. Moore, Amy E. Shaffer, Tanya Szulak, Lisa M. Tripp, Star Vaught, Mary E. Walsh, and Kay Warren.

Mike's Farewell Party -- June 10, 2006 -- GLS students, alumni, and faculty gathered at Barbie Cowan's home on this date to honor Dr. Mike Wentworth as he departs the GLS directorship and returns to the halls of the Department of English. Click on the above to view a pictoral record of the party. It was a great party for a great guy.

Fall 2006 Graduate Liberal Studies Conference -- Thanks to the efforts of Debra Jacobs and Adrian Varnam, the first annual(?) Graduate Liberal Studies Conference was held in downtown Wilmington on Saturday November 4, 2006. For details, click on the link above.

GLS Graduation Reception -- Fall 2006 -- We had one recipient of the post-Master's certificate, Goldie Walton. Our sixteen MALS graduates were Dean Ab-Hugh, Virginia A. Baysden, Brandon L. Boswell (Onslow program), Jennifer Brandenburgh-Smith, Sharon A. Bundick, Patricia A. Burke (Onslow program), Travis L. Corpening, Andrea L. Hiser, Percy J. (Josh) Padgett, Besa C. Pinchotti (Onslow program), Martha J. Poole, Katherine M. (Kim) Proukou, Stephen L. Sayko (Onslow program), Anne H. Sinclaire, and Harvey J. Tate, Jr.

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