Graduate Liberal Studies Program

GLS Students

Since its start-up semester in fall 1999, UNCW's GLS program has dramatically surpassed original enrollment projections. During the fall 1999 semester, the program enrolled thirteen students and offered two courses. Currently, as of Spring 2011, the program enrolls nearly 100 students.

Ranging in age from twenty-one to ninety (with an average age of 35-40), students currently enrolled in the GLS program represent a fascinating "mix," with undergraduate disciplinary backgrounds in accounting, anthropology, business management, communications studies, criminal justice, drama, economics, English, film studies, history, law, marketing, medicine, philosophy and religion, physical education, physical therapy, primary and secondary education, psychology, public administration, recreation, social work, and sociology and current or former careers in accounting, advertising, marketing, arts administration, cinematography, television and film production, civil service, military service, social services, health services, education, and law enforcement.

As our student profiles reveal, GLS students, whatever their diversity in age and background, share a common commitment to life-long learning as well as an equally avid commitment to the continuing relevance of the liberal arts not only as a means of personal growth and development but as a means of constructively negotiating the many complex humanistic, social, and scientific concerns currently confronting the global community. As such, GLS students meaningfully model that ideal scholar, so eloquently and boldly envisioned by Ralph Waldo Emerson over a century and a half ago, who constitutes "an university of knowledge" in assuming "all the ability of the time, all the contributions of the past, all the hopes of the future."