Graduate Liberal Studies Program

OAP Fall 2018 Orientation Email and Information Packet

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington! The following materials are contained within this email. Please read over all of the material so that you will be adequately prepared for this program.

  • Orientation materials (see attachments)
  • A link to the “Next Steps Checklist” from the Graduate School
  • MALS Advising Worksheet (see attachments)
  • Overview on your Acceptance Letters
  • Registration for GLS 502 (required of all incoming GLS students)

I. Orientation Materials

Every semester, incoming GLS students are provided with several packets that act as “how-to” guides for their duration in the program. These packets cover everything you will need to know about the program, from general and semester information to behavioral expectations and GLS student organizations.

The order of material packets goes as follows (click items to download):

  1. OrientationFall2018pt.docx
  2. TheTaooftheUniversity.docx
  3. Nuts and Bolts FALL 2018.docx
  4. GLSSA_2018_Welcome.docx
  5. Palaver Welcome Fall 2018.docx

II. Next Steps Checklist

Now that you are a student within the program, it is also important for you know what the Graduate School requires of you. On the “Next Steps Checklist,” the Graduate School provides a list of the essentials to graduate life here at UNC-Wilmington. The checklist covers a variety of topics – advising/course registration, parking, Financial Aid, employment opportunities, etc. You can get to the page by clicking here.

III. MALS Advising Worksheet

In the attachments to this email, the MALS Advising worksheet is titled as “OAP Advising Sheet1.pdf.” The purpose of this advising worksheet is for you to consult with your academic advisor regarding courses you wish to take as well as to set you up on your journey in the program.

IV. Acceptance Letter Overview

Please be advised to look over your GLS Acceptance Letters and complete all of the required steps. As always, you may contact me if you have any questions about anything in the letters.

V. Required Registration of GLS 502

The main course that incoming GLS students are required to enroll in upon entering the program is GLS 502 – Contemporary Issues in Liberal Studies. The purpose of GLS 502 is to review critical issues in liberal studies that may be influencing disciplinary methodology, discourse or research techniques, and places an emphasis on forms of oral and written communication, and research methods. It is for these reasons that incoming students should enroll in the course during their first semester in the program. You can read more about the course on the GLS 502 webpage.

If you have any questions about the orientation material or email, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am in the office Monday – Thursday from 10am to 5pm. Again, welcome to the program!


Rachel C. Gentry
Program Assistant
Graduate Liberal Studies Program
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
105 Bear Hall/Box 5673
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5673
Phone: 910-962-3590


Updated: August 27, 2018