Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Course Description

GLS 592: Mythology and Culture

Instructor: Ray Mize

a mythical night scene

This course examines the relationship of individual societies and their myths. Topics include classical mythology, Native American, Asian, as well as nationalistic myths that affect a society's behavior. Special emphasis will be placed on the concept of archetypes. In addition to the books, we will view a few films that illustrate the continued significance of archetypal patterns. Some examples of archetypal patterns: creation, Armageddon (flood, fire), quest (journey and odyssey), death and rebirth, rites of passage, the wanderer (often associated with quest).

Required Texts: (These texts are for the Fall 2004 class offering. Check with the instructor before buying these books for later class offerings.)

Course Requirements: (for the previous class offering)

  1. an essay on an archetypal pattern as developed in a classical myth
  2. an essay on a Native American myth illustrating an archetype
  3. a semester-long project in which you select one particular archetype and trace it through materials covered or other materials of your choosing.
  4. an oral presentation on a single issue of Parabola, a journal on mythology that is a thematic and journal

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