Graduate Liberal Studies Program

A Farewell to Mike

At 3 pm on June 10, 2006, GLS students, alumni, and faculty gathered at Barbie Cowan's house to say farewell to and honor Dr. Michael D. Wentworth as he departs our program and returns to the Department of English. Mike has been the Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program since its inception in the fall of 1999. Along the way, he managed, while growing the program from thirteen students to well over a hundred, to bond with nearly every student and most of the faculty, both permanent and temporary. Goldie Walton's tribute, as orated by Joan McKillop at the party, says that which needed to be said and Joan said it very well indeed. Please click on the "Tribute" link above to read it.

As with all our social events, many photos were taken. Please review the "pictorial party" below and participate, although somewhat belatedly, in the fun.

The Guest of Honor (and Denise)

Denise and Mike Wentworth

After Joan McKillop finished reading the tribute, Goldie Walton, on behalf of GLS students, alumni, and faculty, presented Mike and Denise with an original oil painting by Virginia Wright Frierson, a Wilmington resident and nationally known artist. As giving art can be a risky endeavor, Goldie cleared the painting with Denise. Betty Brannon also presented Mike with a bound book containing letters, poetry, essays, and even a pictorial essay or two. The authors of these pieces were those GLS students, alumni, and faculty with the talent and daring to put their perceptions of Mike down in black and white (and a few other colors as well).

Goldie Walton presenting the painting

What ? ! ! -- Another Honoree????

Mike had apparently decided that his "Watson" was to be recognized as well. He presented Perry Campbell, the GLS Program Assistant, with a very nice gift and a plaque extolling Perry's contributions to the program. Perry was somewhat taken aback but very appreciative of the recognition.

Dr. Wentworth and Perry Campbell

Food, Fun, and Friends ! ! !


A cornucopia of foodThe desserts -- yum!Chowing down at the farewell party

Chowing down continuedChowing down continuedChowing down continued


Having funHaving funHaving fun

Having funHaving funHaving fun

Having fun - Mike is.Having funHaving fun

Friends (a few of many)




It was a great party for a great guy.

Special thanks go to Barbie Cowan for her gracious permission to hold the party at her house. Further, the ad hoc committee, Betty Brannon, Joan McKillop, Goldie Walton, Deborah Jones, Debra Jacobs, and Perry Campbell, worked diligently to ensure the party was a success. Thanks to all of you for all you did.

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