Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Graduation Reception - Fall 2004

On December 11, 2004, twelve MALS students participated in the time-honored ceremony of graduation and received their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree. The main ceremony involved many people from all the various departments and programs of the university. There was, however, a brief but happy reception for the graduating MALS students in the Warwick Center's SeaHawk Grill. There were lots of smiles, some punch and cookies, and a lots of pictures were taken. Hopefully, the following pictures will provide the viewer a "look" into the good times had.

Before (Lining Up)

Perry Campbell and Curt Allen-Little

Goldie Walton and Sheilia Griffis

Christl Weide and Mitzi Pulliam and Sandie Sue

David Vanderbilt and Chasity Herring and Nicole Ulmer

After the Ceremony

the graduates

mike and his speech

Mike and Chasity

mike and goldie

mike and jean

mike and nicole

mike and curt

mike and perry

Sandie Sue

Family and Friends

chasity and familynicole and familyperry and family

goldie walton family

Fall 2004 graduates -- if you or your family are not depicted herein, please provide appropriate photos, jpg format preferred but any format (including paper) will do, to Perry Campbell, MALS Program Assistant.

Last Update: January 19, 2005