Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Graduation Reception -- Spring 2005

On May 7, 2005, twenty-one MALS students participated in the time-honored ceremony of graduation and received their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree. The main ceremony involved many people from all the various departments and programs of the university. There was, however, a brief but happy reception for the graduating MALS students in Room 100 of the University Union. There were lots of smiles, some punch and cookies, and a lot of pictures were taken. Hopefully, the following pictures will provide the viewer a "look" into the good times had.

The Reception

mals reception crowd #1

mals reception #2 mals reception #3

The Graduates

Spring 2005 graduating class

The Spring 2005 MALS Graduating Class

chris abrons and dr. wentworth

Christine Marie Abrons

Budd Baker and Dr. Wentworth

Willis C. (Budd) Baker

Carla Bernia and Dr. Covan

Carla Suzanna Bernia

Cathy Bowens and Dr. Wentworth

Cathy Doline Bowens

Parthena Mooneyne Bowman (no photo available)

Betty Jo Brannon and Dr. Wentworth

Betty Jo Brannon

Marquita Brown and Dr. Wentworth

Marquita Clorece Brown

Eric Bruton and Dr. Wentworth

Eric Hubert Bruton

Barbie Cowan and Dr. Wentworth

Barbara (Barbie) Cowan

Robyn Jeanne Dunning (no photo available)

Fletcher C. (Cal) Eddens (no photo available)

Jeannie Griffith and Dr. Wentworth

Jean D. Griffith

Doug Kesling and Dr. Wentworth

Douglas Edward Kesling

Debbie King and Dr. Wentworth

Deborah Ann King

Jen Yi Lee (no photo available)

Holly Lentz and Dr. Wentworth

Holly Megan Lentz

Tony Locklear and Dr. Covan

Tony Vincent Locklear

Andrea Quirindongo and Dr. Wentworth

Andrea Edwina Quirindongo

Prentiss Tompkins and Dr. Wentworth

Prentiss Nicole Tompkins

Jennings Jarrett Trawick (no photo available)

Chris Woodward and Dr. Wentworth

Christine Sellers Woodward

Special Mention Sp

ecial Mention

Mrs. Baker and Dr. Covan

Mrs. Willis Baker

Louis Craddock and Dr. Covan

Louis Preston Craddock

Family and Friends

family and friends #1family and friends #2family and friends #3

family and friends #4family and friends #5family and friends #6

family and friends #7family and friends #8family and friends #9

Spring 2005 graduates -- if you or your family are not depicted herein, please provide appropriate photos, jpg format preferred but any format (including paper) will do, to Perry Campbell (campbellp AT uncw DOT edu) , MALS Program Assistant.

Last Update: May 9, 2005