Graduate Liberal Studies Program

The GLS Trust Fund -- How to Donate

All donations would be most appreciated and are tax deductible.

The Giving Icon

To donate, click on the above icon and choose your preferred method of giving. To specifically address your donation to the Graduate Liberal Studies Program, please so indicate by name or use our trust fund account number (212132). If our program is not listed in any of the drop-down designation boxes, use "Other" and enter our name and account number as the "Other" designation.Thank you!

Annual Giving

While one-time gifts are always appreciated, please take a moment to consider giving on an annual basis. Even a small monthly gift can mount up to quite a respectable amount over a year of giving. With our present level of giving, we are able to provide refreshments at various GLS activities, e.g., graduation receptions, new student orientations, etc. Also, from time to time, we can use our trust fund to support various other activities such as guest lecturers and visits. Increasing the level of annual giving would enable us to provide enhanced support for Palaver, the GLS journal, as well as funding more guest lecturers and speakers. More and better applied learning activities such as seminars and conferences would also be possible.

Staying Connected

In June 2015, this program had 293 alumni. Not bad for a program that started in 1999 with two classes and thirteen students. Hopefully, there is an attachment, a bonding if you will, between the program and its alumni. To facilitate that attachment, we would like to stay in touch. We would appreciate it if alumni would contact us at campbellp AT uncw DOT edu and provide a current email address. Thanks! (If you wanted to send a few dollars along with the email contact, it would not be taken amiss - thanks.)

Last Update: July 29, 2015