Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Graduate Liberal Studies Conference -- April 2008

On Saturday, April 5, 2008, the second annual Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) conference was held. Sponsored by UNCW's Graduate Liberal Studies Program, the conference was a rousing success. The conference provided an opportunity for individuals to present papers showcasing the variety and intellectual depth they have harnessed through the Liberal Studies curriculum. Kudos to Kris Jacobs, the Conference Coordinator for a flawless job.

Conference Schedule and Presentation Abstracts

Session 1, 9:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Leutze Hall, Room 143

Sandie Sue, Gail Guthrie, James BurkeSession 1 Presenters -- Sandie Sue, Gail Guthrie, and James Burke

Sandie Sue, "The Effect of Religious Involvement and Faith on Longevity"

In an America that spends billions of dollars each year on fad diets, vitamin complexes, rejuvenating lotions, and plastic surgeries in an effort to extend its life and cling to its youth, this presentation was focussed on the role that a sincerity of faith and depth of religious conviction can play in increasing human life expectancy.

Gail Guthrie, "Art, Symbolism, and Meaning: Exploring the Evolution of Feminine Symbolism in the Visual Arts"

Based on a renewed interest in the symbolism of the feminine, this presentation will direct its attention toward images of the female as they have been portrayed throughout the history of human artistic endeavor. The focus was on the relationship between these images and the progression of mankind's psychological and spiritual development.


Hilda Lee, "Battling the Binge Beast: Nobility in the Struggle" This presentation was cancelled.


James Burke, "The Closing of Roanoke Inlet"

When Roanoke Inlet closed in the late years of the eighteenth century, many northeastern North Carolina port towns were deprived of an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. By looking at engineering reports, archived map resources, and other research, this study discussed the geologic, hydraulic, and environmental factors that led to the inlet's closing and the abandoned plan to undertake a reopening.

Session 2, 1:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Leutze Hall, Room 143

Bob Mustin, Terry Linehan, Stephanie Post
Session 2 Presenters -- Bob Mustin, Terry Linehan, Stephanie Post

Terry Linehan, "Made of Salt and Water"

This presentation consisted of the screening of a 30 minute documentary film produced for the North Carolina History Museum about the 2006 tall ships gathering in Beaufort, NC. The film is narrated by David Hartman and was recently screened at the 2007 Cucalorus Film Festival here in Wilmington.


Sharon Bundick, "An Ethnographic Study of Homelessness in Wilmington, NC" This presentation was cancelled.


Stephanie Post, "Punk Rock. Art. Politics: The Importance of Album Cover Art to Punk's Political Message"

This presentation explored the connection between politics and the Punk movement, focusing specifically on punk rock music. With a strong emphasis on the album cover art of Punk bands, the presentation addressed the various ways that punk rock bands express their political views, and offered new insight into Punk culture by examining it through the dual lenses of politics and visual art.

Bob Mustin, "Hans-Ulrich Rudel and Political-Military Aspects of WWII's Eastern Front"

This presentation consisted of a reading from and a discussion of a historical fiction manuscript based on the World War II activities of decorated German pilot and advisor to Adolf Hitler, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a man whose evolving air combat tactics helped prolong the Eastern conflict and changed world military air combat tactics for decades thereafter. The title of the manuscript is The Eagle of the East.

Session 3, 3:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Leutze Hall, Room 143

Lisa Williams, Sandra McClammy, Debra Jacobs
Session 3 Presenters -- Lisa Williams, Sandra McClammy, Debra Jacobs

Lisa Williams, "Farming Organic in North Carolina: Outlook, Economics, and Support for the Transition from Conventional Crop Agriculture"

Contrasted against a backdrop of conventional, large-scale industrial farming systems, this presentation discussed the history and benefits of more sustainable organic farming methods. There was a focus on methods by which North Carolina farmers can transition from conventional to organic farming and an examination of some of the resources available to assist in such a transition.

Debra Jacobs, "Recovery"

This presentation took the form of two short readings from a personal narrative focusing on a mother's two fights with cancer. The narrative attempted to encompass multiple facets of the daughter's personal life and the manner in which each of these was dynamically altered by her mother's illness.

Sandra McClammy, "Clownin' and Krumpin': The Not-So-New Dance for the Urban Community"

This presentation examined the birth and spread of two closely related styles of dance that emerged on the streets of South Central L.A. in the early '90s and their strong resemblance to traditional African tribal dances. Emphasis was placed on the continual and growing popularity of these dance movements and the ways in which they have been employed by the youth in some urban communities as a therapeutic outlet and a viable alternative to gang membership and crime.

It was a great conference with presentations on a wide range of subjects. We did not, however, forget our responsibilities as hosts. Presenters and staff (and significant others where extant) were welcomed at a reception at Dr. Berg's home. Further. a closing dinner at Indochine marked the end of the conference. Click on the links below for more details on these social events.

GLS Conference Reception

GLS Conference Closing Dinner

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