Graduate Liberal Studies Program

GLS Student Association (GLSSA)

Mission Statement

The Graduate Liberal Studies Student Association (GLSSA) shall serve as the association representing all Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) and GLS post-Master's Certificate in Liberal Studies (PMCLS) students at University of North Carolina Wilmington. The purpose of the organization shall be to encourage, recognize, and assist all GLS students academically and socially, as well as to promote the interests and welfare of GLS students within the university.

The Constitution of the Graduate Liberal Studies Student Association

GLSSA Welcome - Fall 2017


 Faculty Advisor -- Ashley E. Hudson, MFA (hudsona)


Christen Faubel
(910) 899-2330

Vice President
Mikkel Lysne
(910) 465-1937

Georgia Ezzell
(910) 547-5460

Travis Henry
(719) 238-6400
Communications Coordinator
Austin Scott
(704) 780-6294
Diversity Liaison
Tieanna Burton-Sharp
(313) 287-3479

How to apply for grants:

In order to apply for a grant from GLSSA, you must compose a letter stating what the funds will be used for specifically (travel expenses? research? supplies? etc.). Send this letter to and cc Angela Keith (see email addresses above). This letter and the required form (see link below) must be submitted at least one month prior to date for which funds are needed and the following requirements must be met: Student must attend at least one GLSSA meeting prior to applying, the request letter must be approved by the GLSSA executive board, and the student must have first applied through GSA.

APPLICATION: GLSSA grant for Graduate Students through The Graduate Liberal Studies Program Student Association


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Palaver Links:

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The Graduate Liberal Studies Student Association (GLSSA) invite all GLS students to attend the monthly meetings for Fall 2017. The next meeting of the Fall 2017 semester will be held on Wednesday, September 27th in the GLS Office in Bear Hall 105 from 6:30-7:30pm. You can text Christen Faubel at 910-899-2330 to let you into the building.

Those wishing to receive a travel grant through GLSSA are required to attend 2 open GLSSA meetings and 1 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting as a means of participation. Once those requirements have been met and you receive a travel grant, please contact the program assistant Rachel Gentry ( to make sure that your expenses meet the requirements of the grant.

Finally, many of the current GLSSA officers will be graduating this semester and we require fresh blood to fill multiple leadership positions. Ashley Hudson has put out a call for officers which includes officer titles, the responsibilities for each position, and many other aspects to GLSSA. You can read the “GLSSA Call for Officers” in full detail on Page 2 of the newsletter.

Last Update: September 12, 2017