Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Graduation Reception - Fall 2007

On December 15, 2007, 10 MALS candidates qualified to participate in the time-honored ceremony of graduation. At the GLS program reception on the evening prior to the main ceremony, those MALS students present received their Acknowledgement of Achievement from the program--the actual degree diplomas are mailed some two weeks following the graduation ceremony. There were lots of smiles, some punch and cookies, and pictures of the graduates.

Fall 2007 MALS Graduates

Our Master of Liberal Studies Graduates

Chris Henderson

Dr. Herb Berg and Judith Huffman

Judith Huffman

Dr. Herb Berg and Debra Jacobs

Debra Jacobs

Dr. Herb Berg and Kate Newcomer

Kate Newcomer

Dr. Herb Berg and Mikel Peterson

Mikel Peterson

Dr. Herb Berg and Amy Shelton

Amy Shelton

Our other graduates, Benjamin A. Botero, Nancy D. Cowdrey, Lisa M. Moye, and Lisa M. Williams, were unable to attend the reception.

Family and Friends

Graduates and Faculty Fall 2007 Peterson Family and Dr. Mike Wentworth

Family and FriendsFamily and Friends

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