Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Graduation Reception - Fall 2006

On December 15, 2006, sixteen MALS candidates and one post-Master's certificate recipient qualified to participate in the time-honored ceremony of graduation. At the GLS program reception on the evening prior to the main ceremony, a post-Master's certificate in Liberal Studies was awarded to Goldie Walton and those MALS students present received their Acknowledgement of Achievement from the program--the actual degree diplomas are mailed some two weeks following the graduation ceremony. There were lots of smiles, a short speech, lots of happy folk, some punch and cookies, and pictures of the graduates.

Unfortunately, Brandon L. Boswell, Patricia A. Burke, Besa C. Pinchotti, and Stephen L. Sayko from the Onslow County program were unable to attend. From the main campus program, Dean Ab-Hugh, Andrea L. Hiser, Josh Padgett, Kim Proukou, and Harvey J. Tate, Jr. were unable to attend. Their "Acknowledgement of Achievement" certificates will be mailed to them.

Recipient of the Liberal Studies Post-Master's Certificate

Goldie Walton and Dr. Mike Wentworth

Congratulations, Goldie ! ! ! !

Our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Graduates

Regretfully, some of our graduates were unable to attend the reception. These graduates are requested to provide a photo for inclusion on this page.

Attendees at the GLS Fall 2006 graduation reception

Dr. Herb Berg and Virginia Baysden

Virginia A. Baysden

Dr. Herb Berg and Jennifer Brandenburgh-Smith

Jennifer Brandenburgh-Smith

Dr. Herb Berg and Tamara Brooks Barnes

Tamara Brooks Barnes

Dr. Herb Berg and Sharon A. Bundick

Sharon A. Bundick

Dr. Herb Berg and Travis L. Corpening

Travis L. Corpening

Dr. Herb Berg and Martha J. Poole

Martha J. Poole

Dr. Herb Berg and Anne H. Sinclaire

Anne H. Sinclaire

Family, Friends and Well-wishers

Family and Friends 1Family and Friends 2Family and Friends 3


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