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Congratulations, Dr. Christopher Laursen!

On November 29, 2018, Dr. Christopher Laursen was presented the "Excellence in e-Learning" Award at the 2018 Annual Faculty Awards. Click here for the full list of awards and recipients, or continue to see our photo gallery of the event.

Kudos to our Jenny!

Renowned Jungian analyst to speak in Greenville

Greenville News
Jenny Yates, professor of religion at UNCW will speak during the Oct. 17 event on ""Archetypal Dreams and the Spiritual Journey."

In addition to her contributions to UNCW's Philosophy and Religion Department, Jenny has taught many GLS classes and has been a committee member on numerous MALS final projects.


Past GLS Director Honored

Dr. Herb Berg

At the September 6, 2012 Faculty Senate awards ceremony, Dr. Herb Berg, present Director of the International Studies major and past Director of the Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) program, received both the Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award and the Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award from Provost Denise Battles.

Descriptions of each award can be seen by clicking on the above award titles. Dr. Berg carries on the tradition of excellence established by both Dr. Patty Turrisi, the current GLS Director, and the only other past director, Dr. Mike Wentworth. Both Dr. Wentworth and Dr. Turrisi are past awardees of the Board of Governors award. Dr. Wentworth is also a past recipient of the Board of Trustees award.

Great directors! Great program!

UNCW Faculty Member's Screenplay Selected

Dr. Lou Buttino

Dr. Buttino's newest screenplay, Shadowboxing the Mob, based on a true story, has, as of April 3, 2012, been the "Official Selection" in exactly ten nationwide film festivals. Dr. Buttino will, again, be sharing his expertise with GLS students when he offers the GLS classes "Introduction to Screenwriting" (Fall 2012) and "Advanced Screenwriting" (Spring 2013). GLS students should take advantage of this opportunity to study under a nationally recognized screenwriter.

UNCW Faculty Member Receives National Recognition as a Microbiology Scholar

Dr. Rod Hagley

Dr. Hagley, a Biology Department lecturer who also teaches GLS classes, has been recognized as a 2006-2007 Scholar-in-Residence by the American Society for Microbiology. For more details, please take a few minutes to read the article by Joy Camille Davis, a UNCW Marketing and Communications Intern. Great news, Rod--we hope you will still have time for the occasional GLS course!

Elected to High Office! !

Dr. Jenny Yates

Dr. Jenny Yates was recently (9/15/2012) elected as President of the North Carolina Society of Jungian Analysts. Dr Yates is a GLS temporary instructor and teaches courses in Jungian Analysis in our program. Congratulations, Jenny -- they could not have made a better choice! !

"The Porch" -- A Play

Dr. Anne Russell

Dr. Anne Russell's play "The Porch" was performed in New York City on September 14 by The Academy Foundation Players at London Terrace Gardens. The play is set in Wilmington, NC in July 1946 on the front porch of an historic home at 11 South Third Street next to St. James Church. The play has been presented by The Raleigh Ensemble Players and was selected best play of the 1985 Cincinnati Theatre Festival. Several photos of the players are provided below. Dr. Russell's Fall 2006 Graduate Liberal Studies course is "Movers, Shakers, Troublemakers," with a focus on the constructive role of dissent in North Carolina.

Anne Russell's play -- a scene Anne Russell's play -- the players Anne Russell's play -- another scene

Underage Drinking -- An Award-Winning Wilma! Article

Susan Hance

Susan Hance, until recently, one of our GLS temporary instructors, wrote an article on underage drinking for the December 2005 issue of Wilma!, Wilmington's Magazine for Women. Wilma! has received a national MADD award for that coverage and Susan will be going to California to receive the award on September 8, 2006. Marita Bon, the editor of Wilma! and Joy Allen, its publisher, will also be going. Congratulations, Susan ! ! !

Waccamaw Legacy: Contemporary Indians Fight for Survival

By Dr. Patricia Lerch

Waccamaw Legacy book cover

An insightful and informative look into the Waccamaw Siouan's quest for identity and survival.

Waccamaw Legacy: Contemporary Indians Fight for Survival sheds light on North Carolina Indians by tracing the story of the now state-recognized Waccamaw Siouan tribe from its beginnings in the Southeastern United States, through their first contacts with Europeans, and into the 21st century, detailing the struggles these Indians have endured over time. We see how the Waccamaw took hold of popular theories about Indian tribes like the Croatan of the Lost Colony and the Cherokee as they struggled to preserve their heritage and to establish their identity.

Patricia Lerch was hired by the Waccamaw in 1981 to perform the research needed to file for recognition under the Bureau of Indian Affairs Federal Acknowledgement Program of 1978. The Waccamaw began to organize powwows in 1970 to represent publicly their Indian heritage and survival and to spread awareness of their fight for cultural preservation and independence. Lerch found herself understanding that the powwows, in addition to affirming identity, revealed important truths about the history of the Waccamaw and the ways they communicate and coexist.

Waccamaw Legacy outlines Lerch's experience as she played a vital role in the Waccamaw Siouan's continuing fight for recognition and acceptance in contemporary society and culture.

"Patricia Lerch brings well deserved attention to those native Americans that have been largely ignored by most anthropologists and other researchers. These people deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their determination to maintain their cultural heritage. Her insight and sensitivity on this subject are exceptional."

-Anne Rogers, Western Carolina University

Patricia Barker Lerch is Professor of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

The University of Alabama Press is publishing Dr. Lerch's book and the above comments were taken "in toto" from that site.

NB: Dr. Lerch is also a valued member of the UNCW Graduate Liberal Studies faculty.

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