Graduate Liberal Studies Program


Like any other academic program or department, quality teaching is indispensable to the educational mission of the GLS program and is consistent with UNCW's longstanding commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, a commitment that, for over the past eleven years has attracted national recognition, leading U.S. News and World Report to rank UNCW in 2015, for the seventeenth consecutive year, as one of the top ten public master's universities in the South.

As an interdisciplinary program, rather than an autonomous discipline-specific department, the GLS program draws upon teaching faculty from such academic departments as anthropology, biology, creative writing, English, environmental science, foreign languages, geography, health and applied human services, philosophy and religion, political science, psychology, and sociology as well as qualified temporary faculty outside the university community who have taught such courses as "Clothing and Society," "History of the Unconscious," "Poetics of Ecology," "Women in Film," and "Ocean and Coastal Law."

Consistent with UNCW's commitment to quality classroom instruction, the GLS program at UNCW seeks to encourage and facilitate a close collaborative relationship between instructor and students. Such a relationship is fostered by the seminar atmosphere of GLS classes, with a ceiling enrollment of fifteen students (twelve in online courses); faculty support of student research and travel initiatives; and the committee format for students' final projects. Outside the classroom, the GLS Program further personalizes students' learning experience through social and cultural activities, involving both students and faculty, and academic advising, which involves regular one-on-one contact with the student's assigned faculty advisor.

All UNCW faculty, including participating GLS faculty, are encouraged to take advantage of special programs and workshops (many of which are based toward technology-based instruction) sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence. The GLS Program also encourages regular contact among faculty teaching in the GLS Program to ensure quality of instruction.

To see a list of past GLS Program faculty and their biographies, please click here. (Note: page is still under construction.)

Participating UNCW Faculty

P. Turrisi

Patricia Turrisi
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Director, Graduate
Liberal Studies Program

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
GLS Courses: The Good Life; The Human Condition; The Culture of Objects and Object Fancy; Technology and the Quality of Life; Evil and Suffering; Happiness and Well Being;
Ashley Hudson

Ashley E. Hudson

Lecturer and Assistant Director, Graduate Liberal Studies Program
M.F.A, University of North Carolina Wilmington (creative writing)
GLS Courses: Contemporary Issues in Liberal Studies ; Lying Our Way to the Truth: The Personal Narrative in Poetry
; Grave Robbing for a Wedding Gown: An Exploration of the Contemporary Fairy Tale ; Easy Under the Apple Boughs: The Natural World in Poetry; There is an Otherness Inside Us: An Exploration of Contemporary Southern Poetry; Contemporary Issues in Liberal Studies ; Graduate Research Writing and Techniques ; Writing with Style ; The Craft of Creative Writing Workshop ; Creative Nonfiction: Memoir and Truth Telling ; Palaver Publishing Practicum ;

Christopher Photo

Christopher Laursen Courses and description

Johannes Lichtman

Johannes Lichtman
Education: M.F.A., University of North Carolina Wilmington (creative writing)
GLS Courses: Inspiration, Appropriation, and Theft: Fair Use in the 21st Century; Elasticity of Truth; Graduate Research and Writing Techniques ; The Political Novel in the 21st Century ;

Beverly Photo

Beverly McGuire Courses and Description

Barbara Photo

Barbara Michael Courses and Description

Jenny Yates

Jenny Yates
Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Ph.D., Syracuse University (interdisciplinary humanities) and
Diploma, Institute for Analytical Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland
GLS Courses: Symbols: An Interdisciplinary Perspective; History of the Unconscious; Jungian Psychology; Memories, Dreams, Reflections ; Psychology and Religion; Dreams and Active Imagination
; Psychological Types

Last Update: January 15, 2019